Analysing The Lagos Judicial Panel Report On Lekki Toll Gate Att*ck | YourView TVC

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  1. When this EFCC chairman was appointed, his first public speech I saw I knew this man's a nonsense guy. I like how he is very hands on with things. But wait o, so there is no diamond bra? 😲 Lol God help us with fake news and false prophets 😂.

  2. Mariam, You have continued to be dishonest with the NigerIan people by not asking tough questions about the NigerIan police brutality against Endsars protesters. You can't be trusted with telling the truth about anything. Iam seek of talking about Nigerian unity when can't open your mouth and speak the truth.

  3. You see,if you’ve never experienced racism in other climes,you’ll never understand the subtle nuances that entitlement,privilege and supremacy confers on an individual. Look at this EFCC guy talking.Perched upon his exalted office,you mean to tell me you’ve never seen a more astute and capable Nigerian than him? But no,he’s hand picked by a bigot,nepotistic ruler who believes in selecting only those of his ilk in these most-critical roles. In American clime,they are blonde and blue-eyed, ivy-league trained men. I see it so clearly in this man. Citizens MUST learn to trust their leaders?? Did he just say that? After being beaten,shot,stolen from,bastardized and relegated to 3rd class citizens? You see, we never learn. We keep entertaining this types of nonsense. How about leaders learning to earn the trust of the citizens who hire them,pay their salaries to deliver services that provides for the well-being of citizens? He cannot see things that way. His type never can,and never will. Nigerians,we have to demand what we require. No one ought to be telling us what we can or should do.

  4. They lack journalistic integrity.They cannot do the hard work of research that enables asking probing lines of questioning.Gooood catch on body language.Too many opinions formed out of emotions as opposed to factual info gathering.Most journalists are lawyers hence having requisite aptitude for journalism.

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