My Take on Pastor Mike Todd’s Spit Take | Ep 551

Today we’re mainly focusing on theology, starting with a reaction to Oklahoma pastor Mike Todd’s strange sermon, in which he …


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  1. I don't follow Pastor Mike Todd. But in his defense I don't think that he was trying to get a reaction for the sake of getting a reaction. I think he genuinely was trying to depict what it would have been like in biblical times for people to have witnessed that and how disgusting it might have been to witness even though his illustration was nowhere near biblically factual.

  2. The justices refuted the claim. CNN was, typically, uninformed .

    Great podcast! I was listening and had to take my earbuds out! I so appreciate your biblical views.

    OK I was being generous….they outright lied 🤥

  3. Such abuses that are done in the name of God. And the the things that fools subject themselves to. Do we have examples of Jesus doing any of these things? Why do we let these so called Men of God do these things? Sad.

  4. Look at all of the attention he's getting for it. Narcissists crave their supply, they need attention. The fact we are all talking about it is exactly what he wanted. He's no different than my local churches having rock concerts and fog machines to "meet the culture."

  5. Wow, I literally got up from bed a threw up. I came out of church’s like these years ago and I struggled for years to trust pastors in handling Gods word . Until I came across John Macarthur and Other reformed teachers . I still struggle some days but I think I’m on the right Path now. Thank you for this video.

  6. Straight away I thought ..ahh word of faith. I saw a worship leader who was with Todd Bentley… remember him? …say that Jesus hocked up on his hands from the depth of his stomach.. and he made those disgusting noises. Ehh no.. I don’t believe Jesus did that. These people are whacked…

    And of you think just because he can say Jesus name that he is saved see “Marjoe Goetner”

  7. Love your take and teardown…isogetical preaching is a slippery slope, and when that's all a pastor uses-he is playing with fire, misguiding Christians with a belief that this is the only way. Why do you think so many Christians struggle to read their bible? This type of preaching is not helping. Cheers and blessings from me.

  8. Make the word come alive?! Get your popcorn ready for resurrection Sunday; that is a one time act. Spit to the eye should be in that category. Jesus compelled others with contextual truth and connection with the truth and God’s promises to His people. Jesus was the word of life and wanted us to embrace and imitate the truth not the events. They must have a great time revisioning Ezekiel’s cooking over an open dung flame. 😖

  9. I'm a nurse and of all the bodily fluids I have always had a hard time with phlegm. The only time I've ever almost puked at work was when I had to collect a sample of some nasty thick discoloured loogie.

  10. I literally gagged when I saw it dripping off his face. I might be a little weak-stomached being pregnant… But I legit genuinely gagged.
    And that was not simply his spit. He hocked a loogie from the back of his throat. Absolutely nasty.

  11. I listened to Michael Todd back in the day and I remember him saying that Steven FURTICK WAS his favorite pastor and he was able to meet him in person and it was the best moment of his life, or something along those lines.

  12. Being unmasked has become a phobia for a lot of people. There was a viral TikTok were the employer enforced all the employees to wear a mask during their ZOOM meeting because one of the employees was uncomfortable with seeing unmasked faces. In the spirit of “inclusion and respect” the employer asked everyone to mask up WHILE THEY WERE IN THEIR OWN HOUSE.


  13. What if we all cancel and ignore these things? The whole point of these actors is to have their name be known in the most irresponsible, irreverent way. Let’s not. Allie, I like you but this was one video I shut down before the 5 minute mark. I suspect I know what you’ll say about it, but these folks go out seeking both good and bad attention. Let’s give them none.

  14. I’ll personally attach him ! , I don’t care how good he is with relationships he is straight from the gates of hell ! ! He should be arrested immediately .

  15. I am not sure if Michael Todd (or any of his like) has EVER properly exegeted a biblical text. The first part of this verse has been used by EVERY PG preacher on the planet! And they NEVER mention the 2nd part and they pick the translation that best suits their message.

    Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, but happy is he who keeps the law.


  16. We don't have to make the word of God come alive,, it is already alive , we don't need to demonstrate God's word ,, just preach the word , and the Lord will give the increase ,🙋‍♀️🐦💕 👀🙏 watching and praying here in Tennessee 🐦

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