EVERYDAY Gift Guide 2021

GIFT GIVING GOODIES and some tips on how to give good gift. Links below: 0:00 Intro 1:46 EVERYDAY BAGS – Peak Design Everyday Bags …


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  1. Does the TSA themselves actually know they're not supposed to take that multi-tool? I keep thinking of the backpacks that are supposed to be TSA-friendly where you shouldn't have to remove the laptop… then you actually get to the airport.

  2. Always a great watch the song was amazing in the start. For people that AirPods Pro that falls out of their ears like mine, the Beats fit pro are a really good choice. Most of the features of the AirPods Pro minus wireless charging. $200 price seems to be pretty good for what you get.

  3. The Sonos speaker is dope. They are designed to be built into their product ecosystem where you can connect other Sonos speakers to create a true 360 surround sound without all them wires. Sound quality is the best out there for wireless. Agreed with the hefty price.

  4. Best gift I ever got and then gave is the Bartesian. It's a cocktail maker where all you need are the spirits and then you add the (pre-purchased) drink mixers that are in little like k-cups like a kurig machine…then you choose the strength of the drink and it makes it! I got it for Christmas last year and then gave it as a wedding present which was a HUGE hit! Look it up, it's really cool.

  5. We're doing "topics" for gifts in the family lately. Last year was "music", this is year it's "something that's not material". Not too easy, but I think with Christmas becoming more of a "stuff, stuff, stuff" holiday, it's nice to dial back a bit and think a little more about what you want to gift and choose something that will not clutter each other's homes.

  6. When giving/receiving gifts I always abide by what’s practical. My family is really small and we only do one gift each. We always sit down and ask exactly what the person wants. It’s worked out so well so far

  7. Yea this was fire. I’m always trying to find stuff for my extremely-hard-to-shop-for brother in law, and this had several things I’m going to look into for him

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