Truckers Tell Canada To Truck Off, Episode 1312

Topics: Dave Chapelle fights low income housing; Trump’s White House toilet problems; Prince Charles gets Covid; Nathan Chen; …


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  1. Yeah a bunch of a friend's co-workers have been having wages stolen. They have no recourse just complaining. They have never talked to a lawyer other than as a public defender. Public defender should be an elected position with equal funding to all the police, prison and prosecutors.

  2. I like the Rev Barry Lynn, but I think he's wrong on the Russia/Ukraine situation. Russia cannot be allowed to just do whatever they want. The Ukraine wants NATO there because they're terrified of Russia.

  3. Pedestrian tolls are still a funny concept but I could see some hedge fund guy proposing to privatize sidewalks. People walk more and at different speeds than others so that could be used to justify the owner taking a profit out of this new business venture.

  4. Yes, David, the question about letting people die on the street was asked to Ron Paul and he was the one who answered it. he just kind of shrugs and says "yeah". Prior to that i liked ron paul because of his anti war, anti drug war stances but after that i realized who he really is.

  5. Those people calling you childish for thinking we shouldn't have a military empire are just projecting their own childish fears and theyre just brainwashed stooges. no shortage of stooges. they make up the bulk of our electorate.

  6. Nick Mullen is quite a refreshing comedian because he does all kinds of offensive humor yet he doesnt complain about cancel culture and he dismisses complaints about cancel culture. he understands that he isnt some important truth teller just because he made some people laugh. No ego. no delusion. And he doesnt play the victim and use it as an excuse to hitch himself to the right wing bandwagon. Nick is definitely not for everyone but he is a breath of fresh air compared to so many other edgy comedian types.

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