Business secrets of drug dealing

On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the business secrets of drug dealing with the investigative journalist, Matt Taibbi. No one knows exactly how big the …


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  1. When I saw this episode of "On Contact" would be discussing Matt Taibbi's "Business Secrets of Drug Dealing," it was like a neat, little bow was placed on top of this year's Thanksgiving for me. Doesn't get any better than this! Thank you, Rev. Hedges, for having Matt Taibbi on your show! Matt, thank you for the "Business Secrets of Drug Dealing." Fascinating read, and hilarious in a lot of places! And thank you both for, in your own ways, being forces of light and decency in these dark and indecent times… Deepest respect. 🤍

  2. you say violence like its a bad thing. if vendors here were still afraid of the consumer in the market place you never would hear the words 'sry, company policy' whenever they want to rob you out of something. i miss the threat of violence. it made capitalism better. and no its not like tv. if you are dealing with someone acting like they are in a movie get away from them. now. those folks are were the trouble comes from.

  3. A drug is a pharmacological chemical product made in a lab. Marijuana is NOT a Drug. Marijuana is an HERB, a plant, and it no more a drug than catnip, basil, st. johns wart, cilantro, parsley, or any other herb — the possession and use of which is a religious right (see Genesis 1:29-31). The government's claim that this harmless herb is a drug and the unreasonable prohibition of it is fraudulent U unconstitutional; and the arrest of 8.1 million people for possession of marijuana since 9/11 is utterly tyrannical.

  4. I think that Chris, with the perspective he has on the world, everything he's seen and his ability to view the modern cultural landscape through a material analysis from a standpoint of having been everywhere from the outskirts, to the belly of empire, and even to what we could call a fully collapsed empire, in eastern Europe, he could bring a whole new range of understanding and analysis by adding in some expanded viewing of major motion pictures past and present, and maybe even modern phenomena such as Squid Game. I feel Chris could pick out some new takes that many people aren't seeing or quite piecing together.

  5. hard to see how this DD and Matt T were friends for so long and the DD kept his extra curricula thing anonymous. however cautious and under the radar he was. perhaps he was waiting till he had a full story he could get Matt to write up for him!

  6. How refreshing to hear two hero’s of our generation converse. They both continue to dazzle us with the truth of our society today. Whether good or indifferent. You can always expect honesty! Also we so seldom hear Chris laugh out loud it’s so welcoming during these unpredictable times. I salute you both

  7. Why is it that the same people who want to legalize drugs because they know drug laws are unenforceable want to outlaw firearms. If that ever happened guys like the one Tiabbi described in his book would be selling ever kind of weapon you can think of on every ghetto street corner.

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