Speak Life! | Bishop Dale C. Bronner | Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral

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  1. I'm so thankful and so blessed I was in a hit and run accident Friday on my way home from work if you can see my car and I walked away without a scratch I pray every morning for traveling grace I thank God for traveling grace I thank God for the blood I think God for his protection in the name of Jesus Amen

  2. Thank you Oh Mighty God for your Anointed Vessel Man of God! Jesus!! I choose life more so than ever before this particular time in my life what an awesome God I serve a Mighty King Counselor that I may do my Heavenly Father's will for the rest of my days on this Earth.

  3. So amazing! I am always full when I've finished indulging in the word of God that Bishop so eloquently speaks! God is so good!!; He gives us the power of life and death in our tongue so we need to use it wisely!

  4. Thanks GOD I was able to listen to what this bishop is 🗣️
    Long time I was not listening to him
    But this time I do realized I missed his preaching it's must better that listing/watching this "soap opera or drama on tv even…just to be entertained.
    Here I am again to
    Watch you My favorite
    Speaker of GOD ALWAYS
    Much more to learned
    And share it to these who are related about
    GOD…he has also have lots of "sense of Humor.
    Thank you, your mom even say that what in her tummy is a Tumor.
    GOD REALLY in works
    In "awesome ways… Amen

  5. Such video makes me cry. 2 years ago i was down with cancer and my doctor told me i was going to die. I also lost my job and life looked so miserable to me. i was loosing hope and faith but i kept on looking up to God because i know he never fails. My brother and my sisters in the lord, i am proud and happy to tell you today that i well and i was cured of cancer and i am a proud owner of 3 companies today and i will forever be grateful to God and some few people in my. life. My mom & dad and John Neil Andrew, this man made me what i am today financially . He introduced me to a blt coin Blockchain group and i have never for once regret working with them, I didn’t quite do much in just an investment of 1000USD trust me after 14 working days I was already celebrating cause the lord has done it again . if you wish to reach out to he here is his email information@johnneilandrew, C0m i tell everyone about he and how he really changed my life and i am very grateful to God for bringing he into my life. I pray for everyone out there going through a lot of difficulties out there GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH. IF YOU BELIVE COMMENT AMEN. REMAIN BLESSED!!!!

  6. Wow what a powerful message Bishop we thank God for using you to delivering a good message wow I’m so blessed and al your sermons are so powerful we thank you for wisdom that God give I’m learning a lots from your teaching thank so much may God continue to bless you and your family.🙏🙏💕💕💕

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