#Amazon #Parrot? 3 Things You Won’t Like & Some You Will LOVE! #parrot_bliss

Amazon parrots can be alme of the best companions – if you can get around alme of their worst traits — which cause them to be one of the most re-homed …


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  1. I’ve been pinched and threatened by an African Grey, Yellow Fronted Amazon, Green Wing Macaw and Caiques. Amazingly I’ve never been actually bitten, yet. When I had my Amazon, she was like your Lorenza with me. The Grey I had was very quiet and very shy. The Grey liked women and was more tolerant with them. Two of my Caiques are my current Velcro birds. They live to preen me and kiss. Have you tried to potty train your Amazon? Mine would “drop” on command. And, she’d go back to her cage to poop. Of course she’d get a tiny bit of nut. Amazons are complex and soooo intelligent! Great review.♥️

  2. She is pretty, we had an orange wing but he was pretty small. Your Amazon is a big girl. I like the Amazon parrots but I don't want a bird that will outlive me. It wouldn't be fair to the bird. It would break my heart ❤.

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