Do They Teach Math in Pennsylvania? First, the State Overcounts Ballots for Joe Biden, Now the Number of People Vaccinated is Overcounted by One Million

Pennsylvania has done it again.  First, they did it with excess ballots for Joe Biden, this time with vaccine data.  Are there no honest mathematicians in the state?

Penn Live reports:

Pennsylvania on Wednesday said 68.8% of adult residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — far less than the 73.7% cited on Tuesday and numbers highlighted in news releases for weeks.

A news release gave little explanation beyond saying the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday “began to rectify their data to match Pennsylvania COVID-19 vaccine data and we anticipate the CDC to go through a similar process with other states across the country.”

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In human terms, it equals 1,076,911 adult Pennsylvanians who were believed to be fully vaccinated on Tuesday and who, as it turns out, are not, according to data from health department spokeswoman Maggi Barton.

Reached by email late Wednesday afternoon, Barton said the change resulted from removing duplicate vaccination records and correcting data related to first, second and booster doses.

This really is no surprise.  In the 2020 Election the estimates of votes overcounted for Joe Biden range in the hundreds of thousands.

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One million, a half a million, it doesn’t matter in Pennsylvania.  It’s all about the outcome.

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