‘Fall Guys’ season six features a party theme and a ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ crossover

The next season of Fall Guys starts on November 30th and the beans are getting into the party spirit. Developer Mediatonic took inspiration from festivals, carnivals and the circus for season six. New obstacles include a water balloon cannon, vacuum tubes, a circular version of the infamous seesaw and a platform that flips vertically after a certain length of time. What’s more, there are trapezes that players can swing from.

There are more crossover costumes on the way in season six. Between December 1st and 5th, you can complete challenges to earn a Sackboy skin — the adorable PlayStation mascot is a perfect fit for Fall Guys. In addition, the Fame Pass, which players level up during the season, includes two rad costumes depicting Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima.

Meanwhile, cross-progression is coming to the battle royale platformer in season six, building on the cross-play feature that arrived in May. So you’ll be able to access all of your costumes and other cosmetics across PlayStation and Steam. In addition, PC players will be able to select custom usernames again instead of whatever moniker Fall Guys generated for them.

As such, you’ll soon need an Epic Games account to play Fall Guys. Epic bought Mediatonic earlier this year, and Rocket League and Fortnite use the Epic account system for cross-progression too.

You’ll need to select a primary Fall Guys account, which is the first one that you link to an Epic account. Although you won’t lose costumes, nameplates and so on from either platform, you’ll only retain your season progress, crowns, shards and kudos from your primary account. So, it’s probably best to spend your crowns and kudos on your secondary account before the new season starts.

Mediatonic also notes that if players have different costumes and DLC content across both platforms, they should contact the support team after linking to their Epic Games account. The team will transfer over those items, so you won’t lose them. In addition, all players will receive a bonus of 10 crowns.

During the season six showcase, Mediatonic didn’t mention when the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of Fall Guys will be released, even though they’re still supposed to arrive by the end of the year. However, the developer did provide a peek at an upcoming round that features invisible beans.

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