Darrell Brooks Will Make Initial Appearance In Court Today at 4PM CST – Faces Charges of Intentional Homicide For Horrific Christmas Parade Attack

Career criminal and avid BLM supporter Darrell Brooks, the psychopath who killed 5 people and injured 48 others when he sped his SUV through the Waukesha Christmas parade, will make his initial appearance in court on Tuesday afternoon to face charges for the horrific attack.

Brooks was arrested by police near the scene shortly after the attack. He has been charged with five counts of intentional homicide, according to Waukesha’s chief of police Daniel Thompson.

UPDATE: It Was Intentional! Christmas Parade Killer Darrell Brooks Charged with 5 Counts of Intentional Homicide – The Media Was Wrong Again

Brooks’ mugshot was just released publicly today – he can be seen in a suicide prevention straight jacket.

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Brooks’ first court appearance for his latest charges is scheduled for 4 PM CST and will be live-streamed by local news.

The live stream will be available on the CBS58 website or Facebook page to tune in.

Brooks has built an extensive criminal rap sheet over the past 22 years that includes resisting arrest, obstruction, battery, statutory sexual seduction, strangulation, suffocation, property destruction, illegal firearm possession, bail jumping, domestic violence, drug charges, and child sex crimes.

Despite the hellish record, he was just released AGAIN earlier this month on just $1,000 bail for running the mother of his child over with his vehicle.

This guy is a MONSTER.

BREAKING: Parade Killer Darrell Brooks Was Recently Arrested after RUNNING OVER WOMAN at a Gas Station Earlier This Month! — And Was Bailed Out for Only $1000 Last Week …Update: It Was Mother of His Child


Felons-first Milwaukee DA John Chisholm has implemented policies that allow even the most violent and repeat offenders to be continually released back onto the streets to terrorize the community. It’s no wonder Milwaukee, like most other Democrat-run major cities, has experienced a massive spike in crime, shootings, and murders over the past year and a half.

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