Sam Seder From The Majority Report, Episode 1292

How do we get more AR-15s into the hands of highly emotional virgins like Kyle Rittenhouse? Topics: Jimmy Dore; Paul Gosar; Josh Gottheimer; The end of …


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  1. serious question,
    Should the reporter who had a handgun have just shot and killed Kyle Rittenhouse on the spot when he had the chance after Kyle Rittenhouse had already killed Rosenbaum?
    I know that's a messed-up question but tactically not morally but tactically would that be a better thing to have happened, you would have seen Kyle kill rosenbaum and then get killed and I'm pretty sure that reporter would have gotten off instead of gotten his arm shot off by a wannabe Nazi?

  2. Goddamn how great is Prof Mary Anne Cummings? I love this bold beautiful woman. If only she and the late Michael Brooks could've collaborated while he was still here, we would've been all that much stronger for it. Lest we ever doubt or question her judgement again, it will be at our own peril #shesbeenrightthewholetime

  3. 25:50

    Everything that is wrong with sam seder:

    “[If the democratic party brought actual material benefit to the American people, it doesn’t mean they will be re-elected]”

    Meanwhile FDR was elected 4 times for bringing us social security, medicare, and unemployment.

    Yeah, ignore history, Sam.

    And no pushback from David, of course!

  4. Great job trying to derail every conversation for hours on end, that takes some serious stamina, Pig4Love.

    But to be serious for a moment: Something which didnt strike Lynn, is… could the jurors in the anecdote actually be ignoring the law, and caring more about restitution for the person who could have been injured – seeing if they could fleece the insurance company in order to create some harmony?

    See, assuming that people who's usually facing the knife end of these systems, would do everything (or anything) to maintain them, betrays a comfort with these systems to the point where someone could be deluded into thinking they are benign.
    A delusion I cant attribute to Lynn, as his knowledge of the injustices in the US system surely exceeds this foreign observer's.

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