I smoked all the THC carts for you, What is the Best THC cart on the Market ?

Jimtanna tried to find out what is the best thc cart on the market, we sat down and tried 10 brand new Brands all making THC carts, some were just distillate …


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  1. My favorite cart Brand use to be Dr Zodiak I can't find them anymore. I enjoy Select, Friendly Farms and Buddies. Since I buy from predominantly one store lol

  2. You hit the first cart and your complaining about it being to strong ?? Maybe cbd carts lol if find a cart that doesn't make you cough your smoking shit. People have this misconception about smoother the better but for as long as I've known and heard something that hits hard means its strong and not for beginners maybe

  3. NewSzn Apple Fritters live resin disposable like yours in the video is a fail in my opinion. Slightly leaked not as bad as yours but it has that egg fart sulphur terp hidden in it. Not gag disgusting but definitely not a keeper. Centurions are pretty gross, free are eh could be better could be worse, kingpen live resin is decent/distillate about as good as you can get but it’s still distillate, you can taste and feel it. Alien Labs is overpriced mids, it’s painful to say it but Raw Garden, Select Elite Lives, Buddies liquid diamonds, and Coldfire extracts have the best carts out in my opinion. I purchase for a shop so I get a lot of samples and most suck lol.

  4. Fire video, felt like a 30 min hang out which is a blessing bc I haven’t been able to catch the recent streams. I haven’t smoked carts for probably 2 or 3 years and I think ima keep waiting on the rosin carts to improve and be more reasonably priced before I ever get back into em.

  5. I actually just started experimenting with carts. My favorite so far is Select Elite Granddaddy Purple ($58 1g). It smells and tastes like the OG skunk weed we smoked in the 80s. My least favorite so far is Skunk Feather Nectar The Ville ($40 1g) and it's after taste is to me exactly like sucking on a popsicle stick. It's very unpleasant. I learned a lot from this tho!

  6. The best carts I have ever had were before they started putting all the terps in and occasionally you can find some brands that don't overload it today.

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