ASMR tingly hair play, tracing & cbd oil massage on Madison Lintz 🕊

If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe 🙂 *Apologies for the audio in the second half of the video. I got a new lavalier mic and my hair was dangling …


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  1. Couldn't remember if id commented or not, but ive found myself back here, and i read your not trained in massage to me its not the knowledge but the intention behind it, if you come from your heart a place of love and kindness it will always shine through

  2. Love this video almost as much as I love Bosch and Madison’s character in the show. Such a great surprise to see a fave actress getting to enjoy a lovely asmr pamper, she looks so relaxed 😌 great job emvy 💜

  3. i’ve only watched a min or so in but i can’t help but watch your cat in the background , looking at you guys and then the camera up and down 😂😂 he’s a cute cat for sure though . great video so far as well .

  4. Your videos are gorgeous, and I love your voice and movements. Would you ever include head massage in your videos? Like massaging the scalp with the fingertips, not hairplay. I would LOVE that!

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