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Did You Know Facts ? |The Amazing Fact #191 | GetsetFlyFact

Welcome To The Amazing Fact ☞︎︎︎In this channel you can see amazing videos. ☞︎︎︎Did you know? ☞︎︎︎I am trying my best to bring you best and …


27 thoughts on “Did You Know Facts ? |The Amazing Fact #191 | GetsetFlyFact

  1. The brother did it .
    The parents hide it from us .
    It's sad all around .
    God help us this is sad

  2. 2:30 can’t be true, since Katy Perry was born on 1984, and Jonbenet was 6 when she was murdered. I even searched up photos of Katy Perry when she was younger and compared it to Jonbenet, and they look completely different

  3. 5:16 Why the South African flag in the middle of Australia?

  4. Poor mithridates 4 😶

  5. 3:17 so I can get immune from poison?

  6. 8:46 It still hasn't been decided what exactly this device is.

  7. Don't know the timestamp. But it's The Netherlands. Not Netherland

  8. Not everyone walks around with purses… Gzz

  9. Background noise is really annoying

  10. Bhai apki video achi lgi meri dekh k bataiye kaisi h

  11. Earliest I have been

  12. So, ALIENS are watching the Americans?!😳

  13. Im the watcher i always watch

  14. Subscibe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. it is balloon not bollon

  16. Eeyyy I'm here again 🤗

  17. Cool facts! Only 9 more till 200!

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