Drug Use in Ancient Greece and Rome

The Ancient Greeks and Romans used opium, marijuana, and other narcotics to relieve pain and induce sleep. They may have also enhanced rituals and …


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  1. Could the woman with the grain and poppy represent opium and ergot fungus? Later synthesis obviously produced LSD, I wouldn't doubt that it hadn't been done before 1900..
    Edit*** ergot was covered 30 seconds after I typed this comment lmao

  2. Those poppy seeds definitely contained a fair bit of morphine. Eaten even in small snack quantities they would be noticeable effects. Probably added to the popularity of the snack at the time

  3. The point is that they are very strong men and lived basically for practicing exercises and fight, and food in that time haved many more vitamins, protein and etc. So, for one of those kind of men had hallucinations or some “bad trip” in those times it will had to be a big quantity of opium and marijuana

  4. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the reason we don't know a lot about ancient Greek and Roman recreational drug use is the same as why it took so long to figure out how certain tools were used; it could have been so commonplace that no one thought to write it down.

  5. This reminds me of the scene in Conan the Barbarian, where Conan and Subatai went and bought drug from some dealer who promised that they're consuming black lotus. Later high on drug, Conan punched out a camel.

  6. What is the evidence to suggest that ancient doctors did not know the addictive properties of opium?
    Or for that matter what evidence exists to suggest that these were strictly medically used? (By the modern western definition of the word medicinal)

  7. Contemporaries commenting “giddy” and “uncontrollable” suggests lightweights; they were not vipers. I am sure that soldiers going into battle, especially siege assaults were very high. I also read Roger Crowley saying that tens of thousand of musical instruments were found on battlefields after Constantinople sieges. They had months and months to get the dope and practice music to have fun and to drive the Byzantines (more) crazy.

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