Polestar gives owners two years of free fast charging from Electrify America

You won’t have to pay for quick Polestar 2 charges — at least, not for a while. The automaker has struck a deal that will give Polestar 2 drivers two years of free fast charging at Electrify America stations. You’ll be limited to 30-minute sessions, but that won’t matter so much when a 150kW charger can give you a healthy top-up (though likely not a full one) in that time frame.

The offer applies to both existing and future Polestar 2 owners. Electrify America is keen to highlight the potential advantages, including simpler payments and an easier time finding stations.

The Polestar deal isn’t as sweet as the three years Electrify America creator VW gives its own brands. It also doesn’t address the coverage and reliability issues that EV charging networks sometimes face. Electrify America is rapidly expanding its network, but it might take years before the infrastructure is robust enough that you could assume a fast charger is reasonably close by. Still, this could make the Polestar 2 an easier choice if you were anxious about recharging away from home.

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