Sony’s HT-A7000 soundbar with Dolby Atmos and HDMI 2.1 is up for pre-order

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Since Sony announced its latest flagship soundbar at the end of July, we’ve been patiently waiting for the company to release the HT-A7000 to put it through testing. That hasn’t happened yet, but starting today you can pre-order the unit, as well as the supporting speakers Sony announced at the same time, from Amazon.

Part of what makes the $1,300 HT-A7000 intriguing is all the features Sony packed into it. Highlights include an HDMI 2.1 connection with eARC and both 8K and 4K/120 Hz passthrough, in addition to Dolby Atmos support. It also comes with the company’s DSEE Extreme technology for upscaling compressed audio. Another nifty feature is a set of built-in microphones the speaker can use to calibrate itself to your space.

Starting today, you can also pre-order the SA-SW5 and SA-SW3 Sony announced alongside the HT-A7000. The $700 SW5 is a 300-watt subwoofer with a 7-inch speaker, while the more affordable SA-SW3 will give you 200-watts of bass for $400. Also up for pre-order today are the SA-RS3S satellite speakers. They’re priced at $350 for the pair.

If you want to take your home theatre in a different direction, Sony’s HT-A9 system is another option. $1,800 nets you four cylindrical speakers the company says you can adapt to almost any space and layout. The system comes with a wireless control box that features an HDMI 2.1 connection with eARC output and 8K and 4K/120 Hz passthrough alongside Dolby Vision. They also come with Sony’s Sound Mapping Technology, which the company claims allows them to create a more immersive soundstage.

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