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Chin Wags | ⚠TW⚠ I believe #katiejoy is more like BL than GP #woacb (timestamps 👇) #traumaisnottea

This live has a *Trigger Warning* Music: Golden Days Music: Sycamore Musician: Philip E Morris *Chin Wags is Aussie slang for talking, chatting (: More in …


29 thoughts on “Chin Wags | ⚠TW⚠ I believe #katiejoy is more like BL than GP #woacb (timestamps 👇) #traumaisnottea

  1. Kjs not even relaying the info about her age properly of what the actual meaning is🤦.. he didn’t blame her age smfh.. that’s shows how much kJ can’t interpret correctly of what she reads bc her brain is so damaged or she’s that delusional

  2. OMG, have you seen Todd's video? 🤣😂 Please do a video on it!

  3. LOL. You're so young. I was 19 years old in 1982. I am born in the last year called Baby Boomers.

  4. She looks like death warmed over and a
    morgue make up arrest tried to make not look like a zombie or something. 😂 LOL


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  6. I’m fairly sure we are the same age or very close given what you’ve said about being 10 in 1992 and because your music, TV and movie references, etc…
    All of that to say, POSER is the word that came to mind when KJ was talking about the bands and member of bands she liked and which ones impacted her when they died and who she found attractive.
    Bottom line: She’s full of 💩, obviously, on many levels but much like you, music is a big deal to me so her pretending to like certain bands, artists, etc…annoyed me. So, yep, I would have called her a poser back in the day and still would call her one today but wouldn’t bother wasting my breath on her in real life.
    Music is therapeutic for me and while I understand it isn’t that way for everyone, posers will still annoy me, especially adults, kids get a free pass because they are kids.
    Have a great weekend! 🌵 ❤️🌵❤️

  7. She lies about Luke perry cuz I just went back to her first video around that time and no mention…kj is a liar

  8. Her sweater has to be from alfred dunner by dillards 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  9. Pls kj listen to cactus bill she can help u with ur horrible makeup

  10. How about caring about ur son to get outside and play with kids…and the vaccinated can get covid. Kj is the biggest idiot

  11. Pls someone send kj some self tan…her goth look is awful

  12. So I watch too many of these body language videos lol and I noticed that when she was talking about how she always intended to donate to the foundation she was shaking her head "no" the whole time… not sure if that means anything for real, but yeah just my observation

  13. Omg kg they look like old old lady sweaters

  14. Lol cactus bill ur so right the virus came from chiiinnnaaa

  15. She bought that work out barbi sweater last year…lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 someone pls send her a stylist she has no fashion sense at all and her house shows that as well

  16. I really wish she would just shut her lying hypocrite narcissistic mouth! She really pisses me off. She has NO idea what happened to Gabbie she wasn't there!!

  17. How the shit did I miss this?!

  18. Many church groups do a shoebox packed with items for children in foster care. KJ probably won't bother since she deems them all "cults".

  19. Work out barbie 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣


  21. One more comment, I will go to a expert just like ass hat said. Emily D Baker is that expert!

  22. Happy Birthday sweetie, I'm also from the replay crew and I must say they didn't say Gabby was killed with hands a reporter asked if it was with a instrument or rope and they wouldn't say as to keep that part of the investigation private. She is pathetic 🙄

  23. At the press conference he did not say manual strangulation, he said strangulation and homicide. Where did she get that, she just adds on crap that is not even true. We do not need an explanation of entomology, she acts like she is an expert, which she is not.

  24. I still have my 90210 Barbie dolls

  25. Brian Austin Green was David Silver on 90210

  26. Happy Birthday!!! Here for the replay crew!

  27. I bet she was a stoner at college!

  28. Im thinking all of her exes are the ones with ptsd. They had the trauma of dealing with her.

  29. Have a happy bday!

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