Amazon adds 60 more stations to its Fire TV local news app

The now offers local channels in another 60 cities, including Charleston, Wichita, Tucson, Reno, Raleigh-Durham and Honolulu. That means live and on-demand local news coverage is now available for 158 cities. Amazon has also almost doubled the total number of channels from 126 to 259.

Amazon launched the app in late 2020 with channels in a dozen cities, and it in March. The app includes news coverage from regional divisions of ABC, CBSN, TEGNA, Cox, The EW Scripps Company and Altice USA. While the app doesn’t yet offer coverage from quite as many stations as NewsON (which has more than 275 channels), it’s baked into — you don’t need to download another app.

When you visit the Local News tab in Amazon’s app, Fire TV will automatically add stations from the closest metro area. Viewers can also access live and on-demand coverage by asking to “play local news.”

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