Andrew Huberman's EXACT Diet And Supplement Routine To Stay Dialed In

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  1. I do believe there might be a connection between delaying/backloading carbs and good sleep; last year, I did low carbs throughout the day and did a high-carb meal before bed, and my sleep was the best it's ever been.

  2. Andrew Huberman's diet and supplement routine everybody! (-:


    For last +10 years: Intermittent Fasting (12 – 16 hours in total with sleep) after waking up until noon.

    tl;dr version:

    – Get up and hydrate -> Fast till noon -> Train at the end of the fast -> Eat at noon (if trained eat some carbs and protein; if not reduce the carbs to about half its size) -> In the afternoon eat something low carb-ish -> In the evening eat carbs (still in moderation, not some huge portions)


    – Gets up early and hydrates – puts salt and lemon in water to delay the hunger

    Note: supposedly a lot of people who follow low-carb diets are sodium defficient, so they should follow this advice as well

    – Caffeine (Coffee or Yerba mate) 1,5 – 2 hours after waking to avoid crash later

    – Fasts for 6 – 8 hours until noon

    • Sometimes he breaks that fast and eats something sooner like 4 Eggs – it happens, after all he is just a hu(ber)man 🙂

    – He does training late in the morning


    First meal of the day:

    – He eats mostly based on apetite

    – Almost always low-carb meal – more mental clarity provided that glycogen storages have been repacked from the previous day or so (see Dinner part)

    – (Rib-eye) Steak or Ground Beef, Olive oil, some Brazil Nuts, maybe some Veggies (Tomatoes, Avocados, Broccoli, Spinach…)

    • However if training will be really hard like some (heavy) resistance training then he eats carbs (starches) and fruits with the meal, for example.: Bowl of Rice or Bowl of Oatmeal + Small Pot of Butter


    – Drinks Athletic Greens

    – EEAs after training

    – Hydrates

    – Eats nuts (he didn't mention if he eats seeds or not as well) like Almonds


    – Athletic Greens

    – Whey protein


    – If he eats too much meat near bed time, the quality of his sleep deteriorates – most likely because the gastric clearance is too long – so he doesn't do that!

    – Walks after or before dinner

    – Eats mostly carbs – starches

    • Bowl of Pasta or Rice, Salad, sometimes fish like Tuna fish or Salmon
    – Goes to sleep around 10:30 – 11:00 PM (22:3023:00) – I guess he eats 2-3 hours before sleep?

    Supplements in general

    – He is not fond of pro/pre-biotics supplements, instead he suggests:

    • 2-4 servings of low-sugar fermented foods a day: kimchi, sauerkraut, natto etc. as those greatly decrease the number of inflammatory markers in the so-called "Inflammatome"

    – Multivitamin – B-vitamins help to metabolize foods more quickly

    – Boron 2-4 mg

    – Vitamin K2

    – Athletic Greens

    – Whey protein

    – EEAs after training

    – Fish Oil – at least 2 g of EPA (Thorne Fish Oil + Tablespoon of the Carlson's Fish Oil with the lemon flavor) – antidepressant effects, blood lipid profile effects, skin health, mental health… – he takes it as he isn't really fond of the taste of fish

    – From time to time he takes:

    • Vitamin E, CLA, Green Tea Extract, Garlic Extract

    – He didn't mention any other supplements in this video, however it's known he is taking some additional supplements/nootropics like Magnesium L-Threonate, L-Theanine etc. More on that here:

    @Andrew Huberman (or anyone else really)

    If you see this comment, please correct me if I wrote something wrong 🙂

  3. Can someone (hopefully doctor greg) tell me that if someone drinks the SAUCE (sensible doses n a proper pct with bloodwork) after almost exhausting his genetic limit , will he retain that "enhanced muscle " in the long term if he comes off cycle (no hrt) ?

  4. Is Derek the new Stephen A Smith "I would be remiss if I didnt inquire about your modalities through your prepostourous trials and tribulations"… ummm what? Just like Stephen A Smith this makes you look stupider because it is blatantly obvious you are not smart and you are trying too hard to prove your intelligence. Cringe City

  5. I like to take the Vitamin K2 and Vitamin E from foods. looks like vitamin E might interfere with radiation therapy. the healthy foods also have inulin, citrulline, B vitamins, boron and all the good stuff. I appreciate foods more than any pills. I only take fish oil pills though I eat lots of walnuts daily, vitamin D and probiotics. I dont work out much and though I eat a lot I dont gain any weight. when I wanted to lose a few pounds I just eat less and fasted. I dont have any cheat days. Only eat cake and whats considered to be a normal diet like pizza a couple of times a year. It improved my energy levels and my mental strength. I deal with stress better. dont give up on food for the supplements!


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  7. I've never understand how people can workout without eating. I dont think that will ever be possible for me. I will pass the fuck out if I train on an empty stomach. haha

  8. As Male, 35 6'2 172lbs around 8% bodyfat with lean muscle, I have been full time OMAD for the past 3 years on a 21:3 fast regimen, no breakfast/lunch, while weight training (similar to a female bodybuilder, low weight , high reps) 7x a week with cardio such as stair climbing and around 10-15miles of hiking mostly on weekends. Diet is either Mediterranean or a mix of beans, leafy greens, salmon, chicken, very little carbs or sugar, lots of healthy fats. Fermented foods and a morning/evening stack of supplements. Majority water/coffee liquid or blended shakes of Greens/Seeds. Average 7hrs of sleep all while working a bit more than 40hrs a week. Cold showers, sauna as well.

    I haven't been sick in over 10 years, quit alcohol when my body fat dropped due to fasting which caused really bad hangovers. I'm the happiest, healthiest and fittest I have ever been. Very happy people are learning about optimizing health for longevity, it's a passion of mine so content such as this is incredible. Thank you Derek and Andrew!

  9. I feel like absolutely nobody, even very educated people like Derek and Andrew, has read the research on animal products. There are so many studies showing that they are awful for human health, and yet so many people still consume them and basically ignore the research on it.
    I don't get it.

  10. Interesting how Andrew claims he "doesn't believe in gut microbiome testing" when research clearly demonstrates the significance of gut microbiota in the production of neurotransmitters.

  11. Third interview I've heard with this guy who everyone acts like is the second coming of Jesus and he finally said something enlightening: "K2 … helped … thanks for the recommendation Derek …"

  12. When Derek asked about the multi vitamin & Andrew kinda was like you're gonna laugh, I immediately thought he was going to say he's taking the Flintstone chewy multi vitamins still lol…


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