UK Cannabis Language : In Conversation with Simpa Carter

Episode 5 in this series chatting about the cannabis industry with Simpa Carter 00:00 intro 1:06 When did you notice cannabis language was skewed? 2:22 The …


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  1. How can I get my hands on the weed you get all these packets of lovely smoke and smoking clubs I've been a stoner my whole life on 31 and I'm missing out on the whole culture . it really upsets me

  2. I've always thought…If i went to the doc's with a complaint and they said, It's ok its just a vitamin C deficiency…goes into his top left side drawer and pulls out some V C tablets, then goes into the drawer on the right and pulls out a bag of Oranges……. What would you take???

  3. I enjoyed this show, please carry on making more of this standard, very informative, with a great education about propaganda, thank you btw Green Crack lol as we know it's a silly name, but wow didn't that get noticed, heard it was a term that Snoop used, to describe the cultivar
    .. ps to all Grow your own cannabis Organically.

  4. EVERYONE is in one Camp or the other because fence sitters side with the oppressor. For me, grow your own, and how much any individual promotes the act of growing your own, is the camp for the working class revolution.

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