Who Caused The Shipping Container Pileup? | Ep. 61

Kamala says no toys at Christmas! Why? Liz examines the vicious cycle of the current supply chain, from China’s utter failures to Biden’s catastrophes, and how …


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  1. They were attempting to cut off the vein of what drives a large part of our economy and the symbolism of Chinese imports as well as others, was also a big part in the decision to spread the virus. This is a direct attempt and taking down the American economy and turn the middle class into the poor and dependent. It didn't work.

  2. Liz luv your show especially the short bits that you used to do on the other channel. You're so intelligent & informative but I sure like the little titbits shorts… So glad I refound your channel today

  3. well let's see , the ships are all "piled up" outside of California's docks so , hmmmmmm , who could be behind this ??? My question is WHY ????? What evil sinister scheme are these Democrats up to now ????? Trump could straighten out all of these insane messes and problems in two weeks ….. "someone" WANTS this stuff happening …. Now the question is WHY

  4. Plenty of trucks parked in west coast ports, ships are not being unloaded. The ships should go to Florida ports. This is all planed out by the globalist communist democrats, it could get really bad. Would not happen if Trump was in office.

  5. All your complaining weres off as long you dont adress and solve the real and main issue in today,s US society…. Guns regulation. Till then…you are just making noises out of your armpit.

  6. "The left," whatever that is, didn't fire Gruden. Gruden's employers did, and that's called capitalism. I do like the fact that Ms. Wheeler is giving the hard sell for marijuana products. "Lockdowns" were not the cause of postponed surgeries, Covid was. The health care system was overloaded, and fewer lockdowns would have made them even more overloaded, not less. She makes good points about the supply chain. The whole widespread election fraud BS is a fiction created by the crybaby loser Trump, so when she started to promulgate it here I signed off. At the end of the day, she's just another acolyte of that sick con man.

  7. It says that the NFL is listening in , they are hacking , Godell the NFL commissioner should be fired , he's a crook and overpaid , check his Bank Accts !! He should be working for CIA or the Government !

  8. People also found other jobs because they felt abandoned by the places they worked at. Stayed on unemployment because it paid better. Some started their own business's and are living the dream. Many hit the road. Making it on their own and doing better than before.

  9. Liz, if "Made in America" was a reality instead of a slogan those container ships parked off the coast wouldn't be there. Next spring, when China invades Taiwan, the supply lines will be disrupted even worse. You can't be strong when other people and other Countries control your flow of goods and products. At the start of WW2 American industry ramped up production and we defeated two powerful enemies. Now we don't have industry to ramp up. By the time we get into gear the battles will be over and Taiwan will be gone. Then we will be on our knees begging China for everything.

  10. The Longshoremen are Teamsters. The Truckers are Teamsters. They are ALL "slow" walking the movement of containers in PROTEST TO THE BS BIDEN VAX MANDATES


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  12. AB 5 In September 2019, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed new state legislation, Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), into law. Effective January 1, 2020, AB5 affects independent contractors throughout California, radically changing 30 years of worker classification and reclassifying millions as employees.

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