Q&A with my mom | tics and PANS from a parents perspective!

Hey guys I’m so happy to post this video with my mom! Make sure to leave her some complements in the comments! I hope you like this week’s video and thank …


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  1. Im so glad you started a youtube channel. I know I didn't know this could happen but I'm so glad you're educating people now. Keep up your head you're doing wonderful.

  2. I seen your TikTok first. You are definitely an amazing young lady. I love your name by the way, I have a daughter named Lily, but spelled with 2 L's. Thank you for teaching this old nurse what PANS is as well. I had no clue what it was until I started watching your TikTok.

  3. I noticed that your mom ignores when you're I don't know if you call it ticcing, please excuse me if I didn't say it right I'm not trying to be offensive I'm really honestly just ignorant on the subject. But my question is in a normal situation if that's happening and somebody's with you should they just ignore it and keep going or was your mom just ignoring it because you guys are making a video?

  4. You guys are both so awesome! You can both be proud of yourself for how you are dealing with this. Thank you for this video. It was very nice spending time with you ☺️

  5. That was so neat to meet your mom and hear her perspective. I'm glad you have a good support system. Thanks for spreading awareness and teaching us all about PANS.

  6. You have an amazing daughter and brother you are beautiful ladies Lily is very lucky to have you as a mother and the huge support system she has she is definitely unique and she’s special

  7. Your are a amazing young lady and I thank you for sharing your journey with tourette's. I do have a question. Do you have tic's when your sleeping? Have you ever filmed yourself while sleeping? I'm praying for you and I hope the doctors find the answer to cure you!

  8. If anyone know you best it is your mother you have a beautiful mother and you have a wonderful support system despite all the medication you have to take and everything you are a beautiful young lady and anybody who has no respect for you to understand what you’re going through they have no right to judge you because you make a great friend everybody can you understand each other it’s easy to have a friend like yourself I have a disability of a nonverbal learning disability do you have multiple disabilities that came from the Lyme disease and all the different doctors you had to go to and you know what it’s a compliment from your mother you are stronger than she would be and Lilly you are unique in your own special way because you are awesome because you want everybody to know about the conditions you have and you want to be excepted for who you are because everything that makes you are exactly who you are you would be a very special person.

  9. Have they talked about doing some IVIG treatment (intravenous immunoglobulin) to really try and knock it out? Would that be a possibility or more something down the road bc it would probably have to be inpatient. Also do they think it is a tic when your legs stop working or more so a neurological impact of pans? (I know that Lyme triggered the PANS which triggers the tics, so it seemingly would be PANS related but I mostly am just wondering if the leg thing is a tic. Or do they not know? 🙂

  10. I hope lily knows that she is an amazing young woman , shes doing so much for the tic/pans/pandas community and she's got an amazing mother and church family to be there for her . Keep doing you lily your beautiful just like your mom .

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