The Beloved Scooby Doo Sequel

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  1. HOW COULD YOU ALMOST SHOW THE FUNNIEST JOKE IN THE WHOLE MOVIE AND THE GLOSS PAST IT! The Girl Scout offers cookies, the jehovahs witnesses ask โ€œhave you heard the good news?โ€ And then Scooby replies โ€œReah! Rheres cookies!โ€

  2. I agree the second movie feels more Scooby Doo to me. Thatโ€™s why I prefer the second movie some stuff is just over the top. Plus I own the vhs for the first movie so by the time I was in middle school I didnโ€™t have access to a vhs player, while I had the second movie on dvd

  3. Keep it cool, man. You make people laugh, and at the end of the day, tats all a YouTuber could ever hope for. That, and a boat load of ad rev and sponsors…

  4. Wait a second, he said that the movie was supposed to originally be rated R and is just going to gloss right over that? Hold up, no one ever expects a scooby doo movie to be rated R. More context please.

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