The Beloved Scooby Doo Sequel

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  1. HOW COULD YOU ALMOST SHOW THE FUNNIEST JOKE IN THE WHOLE MOVIE AND THE GLOSS PAST IT! The Girl Scout offers cookies, the jehovahs witnesses ask “have you heard the good news?” And then Scooby replies “Reah! Rheres cookies!”

  2. I agree the second movie feels more Scooby Doo to me. That’s why I prefer the second movie some stuff is just over the top. Plus I own the vhs for the first movie so by the time I was in middle school I didn’t have access to a vhs player, while I had the second movie on dvd

  3. Keep it cool, man. You make people laugh, and at the end of the day, tats all a YouTuber could ever hope for. That, and a boat load of ad rev and sponsors…

  4. Wait a second, he said that the movie was supposed to originally be rated R and is just going to gloss right over that? Hold up, no one ever expects a scooby doo movie to be rated R. More context please.

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