Treatment Refractory OCD (Treatment Resistant OCD) rTMS, DBS, Gamma knife & Psychosurgery for OCD

Treatment Resistant OCD (Treatment Refractory OCD) Approach and Management. rTMS, DBS, Gamma knife & Psychosurgery for OCD Despite advancements …


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  1. Thanks alot for the video sir. On similar lines could you please guide about treatment resistant schizophrenia, treatment resistant depression, treatment resistant bipolar disorder. Thank you sir

  2. Sir, I am taking paroxetine 62.5 mg, topiramate 100 mg in divided dose, nexfolin(acetylcystine 600mg calcium l methylhydrofolate methylcobalmin) mirtazapine 30 mg risperidone+trihexyphenydyl 2mg Doctor has said. I have ocd and depression. My problem is I am stuck in one incident which has happened to me. I just want to forget one incident that's it. Plz suggest me something 🙏🙏🙏

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