Times Athletes Were Stripped Of Their Olympic Medals

Making it to the Olympics takes a lifetime of hard work and dedication. For those athletes who are good enough to get there, it’s only the beginning — the end …


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  1. And now we have transgender athletes doping with testosterone we also have biological males saying they’re women just to compete with the women ruining women’s sport and that’s all just fine with the IOC

  2. Some of this is just stupidity. I used to row, and it was drummed into you from the bottom end of national level (Novice level) that even caffeine is banned, and that cold medicines contain banned substances. So how the hell did an Olympic athlete not know this?

  3. They need to prove the individual athlete was doping. Not one person on the team. Not right. The girl with the cold med, it's just plain wrong. If I did not dope, I would not give back the medal. They allow men to compete as woman, but strip people of medals because a member of the team had juiced. Double standard.

  4. Considering all the blatant performance enhancing drug abuse of the past, athletes must declare and take responsibility for, any pills & potions, that they take.

    Ignorance, is no defence.

  5. Don't know if counts as being stripped from the medal, because it wasn't brought and granted yet, but I think we can include the Mexican race walker Bernardo Segura, who in Sydney 2000 ended 1st, but suddenly, 11 minutes after he had already crossed the finish line, in front of the cameras and journalist interviewing him about his victory, and while being personally congratulated by the mexican president himself, appeared one of the competition's judges raising the red circled card and ultimately declarating he was disqualified due to performed the three permitted penalties. The moment turned pretty shocking and dramatic. And although he claimed this was a lie, and even taking the case to legal instances, the decision remained unchanged. To this day, Segura still claims he was the winner that day.

  6. Nobody is questioning these athletes stories? The athlete says, "2 weeks before the Olympics I was abducted by aliens and they must have given me the illegal substance!" Everyone here says, "See, it wasn't his/her fault. Ban the aliens!" Don't take every word as gospel. These athletes will do ANYTHING to win.

  7. I am against testing. Let them all use whatever they want and let's see what a human, and/or horse, can do. If they CHOOSE to use these things and it's detrimental, that's on them. Although…I am kinda for banning of PDA's on horses, they have no choice in the matter.
    The IOC is purely a political shakedown organization that is filled with inflexible beaurucrats only interested in maximizing revenues to themselves.

  8. Man the IOC are some tyrants…crazy because it seems like russia got a slap on the wrist, and they all still competed just not for "russia". IOC must be scared of Putin..lol.

  9. The IOC need to publish a comprehensive list of all band drugs, and products that contain band drugs, seem the rules on band substances need to be review by doctors, as well as what constitutes a professional, what they did to Jim Thorp was just wrong, plain and simple, in my opinion!!

  10. There is a problem with the IOC placing hundreds of drugs on the banned list, even though they are not performance enhancing. To say that taking an antihistamine when you have a cold is doping is ridiculous. Competitors have to list every pill they take, months before competition to avoid being disqualified for doping. Someone needs to stop this insanity. A panel of doctors needs to review every drug on this list. If it does not enhance performance, then it needs to be removed from the list.

  11. 1976 Montreal Olympics, infamous German Doping case, coach was asked why his female swimmer got Big voice, his replied was they came here to swim, not to sing !

  12. Andreea Raducan deserves that medal. Fellow gymnasts and coaches have backed her. Her teammate, the AA silver medalist Simona Amanar also tested positive for the substance, but because she weighed a tiny bit more, her body metabolized it more and the amount in her system was just enough to fall under the parameters considered "acceptable".

    Notice the scandals and discrepancies are from Sydney 2000. The women's gymnastics competition as a whole were a TRAINWRECK- horrendously organized and embarrassingly poorly run.


  13. I personally think it would be interesting to let these athletes do their steroids to improve their game performance, anybody can do the same thing stuff they do, or did. It's not like it's still not that athlete winning these records or performing that well. Just improving there game by making there body's preform better. Like in baseball, it's fun to watch a player get 70 hrs in a season or a pitcher throwing 100+ mph consistently, But it's the players who choose not to use these things to improve themselves that complain because of the unfairness for something they choose not to do. it's not like there weren't people cheating when the records first got set, they just didn't get caught or have the tech to test them at the time. Now cheating, by like shaving weights of the objects they use, or using certine technology to boost scores shouldn't be aloud.

  14. What happened to Andreea was so unfair. They even told her right before the floor final that she was under investigation, thus affecting her performance. How awful. The Sydney games were a total disgrace for gymnastics for others reasons too.

  15. I think they …SHOULD…. allow the use of steroids & anything else that helps an athlete to run faster, jump higher……perform to the maximum, etc. That's the whole point. To push the limits. How much more entertaining it would be, if we could see the gigantic Popeye arms & legs. They could simply award the medals in 2 separate divisions, if they want to insist on 'regular' humans……or 'supercharged'.

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