🔴 Vegas Livestream – 2am and so Different (Australia and New Zealand Special Stream)

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  1. Was just at Linq this week (traveling solo). Tried something a lil different from the airport – took the bus (CX Express) got off at NYNY, walked to MGM & took monorail to Linq. Heading back to airport took monorail to MGM caught bus (CX) near The Tropicana hotel and back to airport level zero. Total cost $20. Some walking involved but not too bad.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Firstly, what a fantastic idea to do this to try and build your reach, as well as appease your international following. I am only sorry I missed you live, so much I'd like to input and ask you. Next time….. CONGRATULATIONS on your long term sponsor, Pinai Magazine have great insight and foresight in selecting YOU…WELL DONE THEM….they are obviously a great team of people who clearly invest in the right way, which includes you….. you're so deserving of their sponsorship. Thank you to them from me personally, I want to see you doing this full-time, I truly believe it's your destiny. Plus love seeing those full man lips❤️….🤣 Full respect to Caroline I mean it all graciously. Great you're trying to incorporate new ideas but still based around Vegas streams.. ..I think too it is a great idea to throw in some random trips, as you mention California. Every city has interesting facts and people!!! I know you think people won't watch but you will attract new audiences as well as your existing. You have some great loyal followers…Tony Tony…Intel….Classic TV ..Mr Uber….to name but a few….I see great things for you. Keep pushing forward Steve, don't give up!! Well done with your gym and diet too….I lost 30Iibs on a fast life style….back now to 135.
    Hope you see this.
    Lots of love

  3. This livestream at 2am was interesting. They probably didn't want you filming in the Linq because they are changing out the money in the slot machines. Take care with your fasting.

  4. You are too PC. Do you really want anyone from the cancel culture as a viewer? The only power they have is what you let them have. Ignore them or laugh at them but never bow to them. They're idiots that take innocent words and make them sound terrible. Oh, sorry, I forgot that you're a fan of CNN.

  5. The covid numbers in America are way down, and I"m sure they are in Vegas. But the governor is playing politics. He won't win his next election, especially with Vegas competing for the Republican National Convention. Vegas also got a notice from the Democrat National Convention but apparently, they decided to try for the Republican. Yes, it's about money, but it's also sending a message.

  6. re:real estate scams. Case on Canadian global news last night. Real Estate Agent being investigated for telling a buyer there were at least 2 other bids on a cottage they were looking at, so they increased their bid by 200,000 over asking, after close it was discovered they had been the only bidder. Nice stream Steven, be careful out there

  7. I had a guy talk smack like that about me to the other people at a (regular) dance club some time ago and I almost beat him up LOL! It just shows you're on the right track I think.

  8. Hello Steven. I thank you for doing this. I may critique some of your videos, but you are one of the best . Takes a lot to get up late and do this 👍👍👍👍

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