Carp Angle Episode 14 features my good friend Adam Penning during a session on his current target water, the carp mecca that is Grendon Lakes. Adam is an …


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  1. Only just came across your channel.
    Really enjoyed this episode. Absolutely loving your approach and discussions on more than just the fishing. As someone who has been struggling with mental health,I turned back to carp fishing after a break of several years to help me gain some peace,self belief and clear my mind of negative thoughts. It is working and now I’ve found this channel. Well done and thank you for what you are doing. Everything about your videos that I’ve seen so far is exactly what I wanted. Because of this,I’m very happy to have now become a paying supporter of your channel. Keep up the amazing work. 👌

  2. Keeping it outside of the tackle box Joe, I currently have 2 doses of cancer which obviously comes with a few problems but I have a developing problem with a pain in my left shoulder. As a southpaw this can be debilitating when spodding/casting etc. Can you recommend a CBD oil that may help? 👊🏻

  3. Been using pretty much that rig this year and created the prong from a large loop of 20lb Fluoro so I can fish it multi rig style for pop ups and change the hook over. Also found that using a small ring rather than the Albright gave better knot strength. Have been using 30lb powerpro for the supple section. Also advise to use pva foam otherwise its a fucker for tangling on heli setups.

  4. Live in Canada and CDB oil is legal here and it’s calming, painkilling effects are well documented. I use it here myself every day but please don’t say it kills Tumours and repairs tissue. There is no published evidence of this yet and all these stories do is shatters people’s dreams when they (often) don’t work in the majority of people who often turn to them as a last resort. My wife’s a palliative care nurse and this happens loads. It will make you feel better but in nearly all cases it won’t actually make you better.

  5. Brilliant episode Joe,I can't say anything that all the people before my comment have not already said.Really enjoyed the chat with Adam,keep up the stunning work.I've donated by pay pay ….Will set up a D.D when I get chance.

  6. Big respect about the metal health mate recently lost a friend last weeks it’s horrible will always support your channel keep the videos coming man

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