Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., MD – Interview – Becoming Heart Attack Proof

Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., MD – Interview – Becoming Heart Attack Proof Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., M.D • • Book – Prevent and …


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  1. I wish I had followed his advice since 2009 when I first heard his YouTube speech. I remember vividly when he said no oil. After 12 years of going to different doctors I finally decided to do it😂


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  3. Dr. E. is a great leader in the plant based way of eating. I do wish he would conduct some current studies. (Always references the same two mentioned in FOK movie) I’m sure there are thousands who would be willing to participate.

  4. Have so much respect for this dedicated Dr. and his work. He has devoted his career to educating us all on how we can become and stay healthy. I follow a WFPB lifestyle and, at 73, have never felt better.

  5. Dr Esselstyn should receive the highest honors in medicine for his groundbreaking heart research, and his tireless efforts to save lives from the biggest premature killer.

  6. You have to stop staying "heart attack proof" I was on a low fat WFPB diet eating 5-6 servings of greens a day. My cholesterol was 100 and LDL 46. I still had a heart attack.

  7. "complex carbohydrates", those good ole grains and beans, rice, oatmeal and fruit, make my blood sugar soar up to 500. This way of eating is not the only way for vegans.

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