Podcast: Nutrition Facts Grab Bag 20

Cannabis to treat IBD? The healthiest diet according to scientists? Statins that work in one study and not the other? This episode features audio from: …


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  1. Like any strong medicine, cannabis will have side effects. Overuse will deplete certain pathways in the brain. You can become more depressed using cannabis when the pathways are depleted from over consumption. Eating strongly resinous edibles especially with chocolate can be really hard to digest. You need to drink lots of water when consuming edibles even if your edible is just a gummy so as not dehydrate your intestines. Dehydration due to consuming edibles and not drinking enough water, can make digestive problems worse by making your digestion slow down and constipate you. Cannabis causes veins to constrict where alcohol does the opposite & dilates veins. So consuming alcohol and cannabis at the same time is counter effective. If you are an older adult and have poor circulation, cannabis can make associated problems worse. But smoking it, especially if you use filter tips, doesn’t hurt your lungs or give you a cough ( drink that water!) like smoking tobacco does.

  2. Just about 5 years ago I got a stent, after a heart attack, I'm 68. Was given 4 prescriptions including a statin. I started learning about the drugs and how they work. The statin inhibits an enzyme in a metabolic pathway which produces cholesterol in the liver. The problem I have with it is that this pathway also produces other things you need, such as: coQ-10, testosterone, estrogen, vitamin D and maybe some others. That concerned me.
    I also question why the war on cholesterol?
    Cholesterol doesn't just plug up arteries like pouring grease down a drain pipe. If it did, why don't veins plug up too? Anyway, Isn't the real problem caused by cell damage to the inner arterial wall and cholesterol being laid down like a bandage to cover it? The damage mostly from poor diet and lifestyle?

  3. Should an odd narrative style, hard to believe you're a doctor.. The whole uuuhh mmmm eeeh in between your words are soo dramatic.. Sounds so cringy and rehearsed

  4. try adjusting audio levels AFTER your video is cut and spliced. I should not have to adjust audio levels mid way as happened at the 12 minute mark. Someone is lacking in production value.

  5. Might want to try it in a tea 🍵 because smoking in general is damaging, so try cannibise is a tea form then try the studie!!! Because if you smoked dried meat and dried lettuce, its bad!!!

  6. You can't 'nocebo effect' diabetes. Statin use is clinically associated with an increased risk of type II diabetes. Anecdotally, I saw this ten years ago. 100% of the people I know who went on statins, were diabetics in less than three years. Yes, I know, they could've been heading there anyway. But 100%? None overweight, all active, none had diabetes in the family. The coincidence was too much to ignore. Ten years later the increased risk was being reported. By what mechanism, I don't know.

  7. Burger King, McDonald's, Hardee's and all the others don't care about the health of the American people. They only care about corporate profits. This will never change until government forces them to include healthy options for their customers.

  8. Frankly marijuana doesn't NEED to be medicalized. It should be legal anyways.
    If coffee was discovered today you'd probably have to go get a prescription for it to have some. It's such a silly philosophy.

  9. I always like the way Greger uses research papers. But in some cases I think he ought to stop trying to use them. Why? Well, since I read some articles on Vit B12 I am not so sure Greger goes the right way. He suggests using B12 manufactured using cyanocobalamin which contains a cyanide molecule.  Cyanide??  Even in small doses who wants that?  In Greger's daily dozen he suggests 90 minutes of moderate exercise and 40 minutes of vigorous.  Is that a week?  He "kinda" leaves one to sort out some of this for themselves


  10. Medicare and Medicaid need to be allowed to negotiate for lower drug prices. 
    US patients pay 2 or 3 times as much as other countries for the same drugs.
    The GOP is controlled by big pharma and is blocking any reform. The GOP is running a con on American people.
    Lowering health care costs would reduce the amount of money spent by Medicare and help the program financially.

  11. Having gotten cannabinoid hyperemesis due to over consumption of marijuana, as well as seeing a friend with Crohn's disease who also used marijuana get better after quitting, incomplete understand these findings. I feel it shouldn't be tossed out based on that tho as a friend with a nonverbal child who had severe seizures did get better with it. He had daily seizures that went down to one a month. More research is needed, but for those who do benefit, as well as for recreation, I firmly believe it should be legal.

  12. I'm trying to quit marijuana because it really screws my digestion up. After many years of heavy use i know the pattern. it actually kills your appetite, and makes your LES not close properly from the smoke and the THC dleta9, which triggers reflux. After quitting heavy use, you barely digest and loose appetite for few weeks. Apparently the canabinoid system is responsible for peristalsis. I'm not even going to go in the topic of the munchies and the uncontrollable cravings for large amounts of sugar and salt. Usually i have 90% control of what i eat if I'm sober, but once I smoke, my diet goes through the window. it's like someone takes control over you.

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