Life, Radiation Mapping + a weekend away in Coolum: My Breast Cancer Journey Vlog #47

skip to 12:42 if you want to go straight to Radiation Mapping for breast cancer. catch up on Life & a weekend away in Coolum: My Breast Cancer Journey Vlog …


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  1. Cancer treatment is brutal and it takes time to get your energy back. You have done amazingly well. I don’t understand how some people manage to go to work. I’m sure when the time comes you will get a job in the ED , life never runs smoothly but with your positivity things will fall into place. Your glasses are fab, perfect for you 💖

  2. Hi Lindy. I feel so bad when you cry. You've been through so much and this must feel like a slap in the face. Hopefully, something better will come along when you're ready for it. I know you probably get sick of everybody saying this but hang in there. You've been dealing with things so far so hang on a little while longer. You'll make it. Love all the glasses. Hope you're able to get your surgery before you go back to work. I do see your hair coming back. If it is coming back white you'll have a great opportunity to have fun dying it. Do a tie-dye look. lol It'll match some of your glasses. Your va ca look like it was very nice. It's beautiful there. Take care of yourself. Live, love, laugh, prayers and peace.

  3. Great to catch up again Lindy. Coolum looked beautiful and very envious of your weather!! We are now into autumn and winter looming, yuck!!! So pleased the your muscles are beginning to feel easier.. Its been a touch time of treatment Lindy, so no wonder you body is letting you know! Hopefully now chemo is over this should gradually improve for you. Love your glasses! Once hair growth starts it will really take of, sunshine will actually help the growth…. All the very best with your radiation treatment. Sending heaps love xxx♥️🙏💐

  4. Great vlog Lindy , quick question tho how on earth does a flower (sorry can’t remember the name) keep people out of your yard ? I’m intrigued lol. Also November 11th is remembrance day for us in the UK too 😊. Take care ❤️

  5. Lindy, cry all you want to you earned it. I’m sure when you go back to work, you’ll be able to pick what department you want. If it’s like here in the state’s, they’re is a shortage in every facet of medical care. People are burnt out and quitting all together. Prayers and Hugs

  6. Lindy I really understand how exhausting ,mentally and physically the breast cancer journey is.
    It destructs your plans and studies and career.
    Untill you complete your treatment..
    Lindy it will pass just hang in there sweet pea.
    Love and happiness and health to you.

  7. Aww bless you sweetheart i think you're absolutely fabulous and a strong woman 😊don't you ever think otherwise!!! You have come such a long way 🙂 still plenty of time to achieve whatever you want to. Love ya sweetie from 🇬🇧🇬🇧😍😍😘😘😘

  8. I was so sorry to see you cry “you’re a beautiful warrior just remember that and I’m sure there will be lots of opportunities for jobs so don’t fret , I love your glasses they’re really cool and you look great ,I’ll remember your first day of radiation cause that’s when hubby gets his heart monitor fitted ::I was quite envious of your weekend away:sadly no more holidays in Brisbane but we have wonderful memories which well treasure and you can take us on your boat trips on video

  9. Bless you Lindy. You’re entitled to have a rage and a weep. It’s not fair & to deny that would be ridiculous. I hope that the process of venting was cathartic in a way. Right now I guess it’s a case of trying to get through each 5 minutes as they come & trusting the rest will take care of itself. Best wishes & courage from the U.K.

  10. It hurts to see you so upset. The effect cancer has on our lives just overwhelms me at times. Maybe live will never be the same, but you will get through this!. I just started on hormones and my operation is next followed bij radiation. So your video's help me al lot.
    I love those glasses by the way, you look great ! And that dance you and your sister did on the beach was too funny !

  11. Ahh Lindy it really is good to have a cry now and again. I was like you, so naive thinking that once the cancer was gone I could just get back to the way I was before …. the truth is we will never be the same again and it takes lots of time to accept this and we will have to learn to live a new kind of life. All that said I’m sure in time we will adjust and be happy again.
    Btw don’t rush back to work if you don’t have to it can take 6 months up to a year after chemo to start to feel completely better again. I finished my chemo 6 months ago and I still don’t feel like I have the stamina to go back to work just yet … I began to feel guilty about this at first but on reflection our bodies have had to cope with so much over the last months that I have decided to be kind to myself and only return when I feel both physically and emotionally ready.

    Good luck with the radiation, I’m sure you will be fine 😊 xx

  12. Hi Lindy, It's good to have a cry now and then I can totally relate I do it too. I am Stage 2b as well and have two treatments of docetaxel and then likely radiation. We are going to get through this!!! Hang in there!!! ❤️💪 Your videos and all of your positivity has helped me so much get me to where I am!!!

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