1/2 HasanAbi October 2, 2021 – Border Control Illegally Search Car, Your DNA is in a Database, JRE

“IM BACK PART 2” streamed on 2/10/2021 https://twitch.tv/videos/1165576189 #HasanAbi #VOD Full VOD Playlist: …


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  1. Chapters:

    0:00 Starting Soon

    8:07 🎵🎵

    9:10 Start

    14:02 Hasan flexing on his cousins with MrBeast

    19:38 Looking at Clips

    37:46 Myth Vlog: Austins Pee Adventure

    50:39 Border Control searches Americans vehicle for no reason (stunlock)

    1:40:34 Fextralife Legal Viewbotting

    1:47:58 Joe Rogan talks to CIA Officer on Afghanistan Withdrawal

    2:01:11 CNN is turning against Kamal Harris for not being pro Israel enough (? the US is so bizzarre)

    2:13:06 I fact checked a chatters Noam Chomsky attribution

    2:15:07 Poki exposes Filet Mignon Socialist Hasan

    2:21:01 Tangent on Black Vaccine Hesitancy, TikTok doing the Tuskegee comparison again

    2:44:55 CNBC Host thinks Ireland uses the Pound and isnt part of the EU. Great business analysis my dude

    2:52:03 Veritasium: Catching Criminals With Their Relatives DNA (You have the right to not testify against your relatives, I wonder if that could be used to make these DNA samples inadmissible in court)

    3:32:53 Second Thought: Why Terrorism is A Dangerous Word

    4:02:01 OfflineTV made their own Anime Music Video

  2. Hasan is afraid of doing a DNA ancestry test because 50 years in the future someone might commit a crime and his DNA will be used to get that person. Hasan is pretty much a boomer to everything that's not related to politics.

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