How Do You KNOW When To TRUST LOVE? W/ Benjamin & Azrya Bequer | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

In today’s podcast I am joined by my great friends, Benjamin and Azrya Bequer- Co-Founding Stewards of BEQOMING. They are a truly unique example of a Full …


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  1. What is hard for me with this video, that while I agree with the philosophy, all of you are conventionally beautiful with very low body fat. Your bodies are acceptable and desired in our culture and so you have more experiences of appreciation and love than many of us who might be disabled, overweight, or non-conventionally beautiful. While it's good to understand the philosophy of a benevolent universe, but if a person has never had one person verbalize or show them that they are of value, then it's very hard to believe in Love with the Capital L.

  2. Hello, Thank you so much! I loved the high vibe conscious conversation on relationship! WoW!!! I heard Azrya mention her clients. Id love to "beqome" a client of hers. I have been unable to find a contact other than leaving my email on the website. By chance do you know her email. Thank you!!!

  3. Amazing messages beautiful souls, love your presence…. Would love to hear more about your journey from poliamorous identity to your "monogamy" today… ❤️

  4. I loved the podcast, I live, understand and feel everything that was said here, thank you for sharing … but sadly, I cry, because with all I have done, and lived, and shared, and cared, and loved with my open (and damaged) heart, I am alone, and feel sad that I have no one to share and live and experience the way I see you and others do… just saying… the universe is not the same for everyone

  5. Advise appreciated!
    Current girlfriend of 1.5 years: Smart, hot, fun, reliable, loyal, stylish, honest, definite marriage material
    The problem: We don't connect this deep.. we don't 'make love' or lose ourselves in each other… we don't have conversations that blow each others minds… her mind doesn't intrigue me… we exist in one dimension, daily life, and that's it

    My heart knows I'll find that so fulfilling to reach those things with a person. Should I move on from what I have?
    It's a lonely singles game out there I'm not totally sure I want to be there again

  6. I think I have never had this kind of intimate conversation in my relationship with a partner. Wish I can have a partner that can hold this kind of conversation to deepen the connection.

  7. Anyone who allows their intimate life to be spoken about using these terms is weak and will not endure the tests of reality. This Marcus is a dangerous person.

  8. I resonate so much with Vylana talking about avoiding her Kali energy. I feel like I'm starting to accept my intensity and no longer shame myself for it! Looking forward to be honored in the same way. Love this so much!

  9. This is ridiculous, lol. When people lose their virginity a little older, they don't have alot of sexual partners, and commit to someone always, mostly those people have healthier and usually life long relationships. Then on the other side of that coin, you have people who have alot of sexual partners, live a life of self indulgence, and now in their 40s, think they have it figured out. I come from an old culture, and divorce is basically non existent, bc the mentality is you have a family and you live with your family. Sure, there's couples who don't always make it, but mostly those are ruined by financial issues that breaks everything up. Sorry, you can't spend 10 years swiping right and sleeping around and expect to come out of it healthy. It's fun, but once you reach a certain age, you'll start looking for someone that sells a "full fuck yes" t shirt

  10. I wish the cameraperson would have shown both Benjamin and Azyra as Azyra was speaking. It would be really nice to see how he looks at her. (Like how when Aubrey is talking, the shot shows both him and V.) Just a suggestion for future interviews with couples. Seeing both while one is talking makes the conversation much richer.

  11. I love the relationship you all share with each other. To sit with like minded people being so candid about the guts of your partnerships, while remaining open and respectful, looks fun to me. You’re all lucky to have achieved this level of honesty and acceptance.

  12. .y husband and I have gone through similar things. I hope my husband's participation in fitcfor service with bring clarity and return him to our fuck yes relationship. Thank you 😊

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