Violence erupts outside CFMEU headquarters in Melbourne as tradies protest mandatory jabs | 7NEWS

Wild scenes outside CFMEU headquarters in Elizabeth Street. Construction workers turning on their own union over mandatory jabs. 7NEWS reporter Paul …


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  1. Someone said "Just torch the place already. If they won't let you live, no one lives. You cant eat, no one eats. Cant work, no one works."

  2. Is this about a union’ laying down control of the public with vaccines? Correct me if I’m wrong, but Unions are there to PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE PUBLIC WORKING IN THAT INDUSTRY. TO AID THEM. It has just been noted in court that Vaccinated people spread the virus, so this Union’ surely has it the wrong way round, so all funding should be stopped and the union taken to court. Surely.

  3. La gente, los pueblos han despertado y defendiendo sus derechos contra la esclavitud del virus chino, debemos luchar juntos como humanidad contra los q nos quieren totalmente esclavizar y quitarnos todo hasta nuestra libertad ..

  4. I used to work with this dude who was in the union he was constantly telling us how
    "he was working for everyone"
    He was the laziest one there and the first one to walk off the job when things got difficult …so I'm not surprised to see this sort of behaviour.

  5. If the unions don't demand an general strike and shut down the whole country then that's no union at all but at stooge and puppet of the human rights abusing Australian government…So I will state this loud and clear call an General Strike and call it now!!

  6. Now those countries will understand why the USA people love to have a gun. Imagine if United state the government will force the people then a civil war will begin because here almost everyone has a gun.

  7. Pfizer vaccine mandate all over the western world is a SHAME on western politicians being corrupted by Pfizer, BlackRock and Vanguard! Shame on this mafia and freedom for Australian people like for people from all over the world treated like cattle by this mafia!

  8. @4:12 armed tyrant removes mask while defending tyrannical mandates…hypocrisy at the highest level….thats y we have guns here in america and thats y they are doing masonic sacrifices to try and take them…

  9. Le cariche della polizia le fanno solo qui in Italia ????
    Qui subito botte ….
    Vedo invece che negli altri paesi ci pensa molto la polizia , prima di caricare a manganellate .

  10. Riots are not enough. The tyranny wont stop. Im sure those Gestapo have families. Do what needs to be done. The Gestapo dont care if your kids eat, why care about them.

  11. Where's the rest of Australia? It's going to take literally every family in every country to take on this tyranny, this is indeed chapter 21 revelations.

  12. If Australians saw how free we are in Texas you would start a revolution and throw the bums out of office and fire every police chief that obey the orders.
    But unfortunately y'all gave up you're weapons.

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