Foxtailing In Flower: What Causes It And What To Do About It

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  1. I've been running a PowerUI smart bank and I like the heavy duty connector tabs for each power socket it's 15amp as well but I think it is 12 amp constant I'm running my 4×4 tent my 2.5×2.5 veg tent and my little clone/seedling tent off of it except for my 6" ac Infinity exhaust s6 which is connected to a wifi temp controller makes it a lot easier for me since I'm disabled and in a wheelchair much love dgc 👊

  2. Talking about using an electro static sprayer for IPM. I have an electro static sprayer, but I'm mot sure what I am supposed to use as a spray. Am I supposed to use a neem oil and H20 mixture or just water ph"d at 9.0. I'm guessing something that will not clog up the sprayer.

  3. There’s no way we can’t just order one those sprayers for dude in the states and send it up to him it just looks like and air tool or something keep bringing the great content a little fall of prohibition report in NH they just passed a bill to we’re people that struggled with addiction can get there med card thought that was pretty kool addiction runs ramped around here I already had my card but I’m sure there will be a lot more people with them now which is always good keep doing your guys thing I look forward to every episode ☮️ love and respect ✊ boiis and rolling stoner if she’s there 😊

  4. Got my brake time Hanover Hemp bowl going.n Man,this stuff is the real deal CBD flower .I forgot who grew it out,but Shout-out to whom ever grew the pink panther n rain dancer 💐 flowers..

  5. i grow 1 plant at a time and i keep the 100 watt led close its a spiderfarmer 1000 anyway i usually get it to about 40 watts in veg the plant can literally take no more at 18inch away from canopy then i switch to flower move it down to 12inch away from canopy and still the plant can not take the 100 watts i have to keep it at 50 watts or else the leaves begin to curl and this happens to whatever strain i put under it so its not genetics im guessing the PAR is insane on this light as certain distances and im not sure how to fix it bcuz i want to use the whole 100 watts etc?

  6. That RYOBI 18V ONE+ Cordless Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer Kit with (1) 18V ONE+ 2.0 Ah Battery and Charger is selling for $399.00 in Canada at the Home Depot, Amazon Canada has the same model for $316.00, VERY expensive for a sprayer. When comparing prices make sure you look at the correct model #, it's sold as a kit (with battery and charger included) OR as just the tool only (you need to BUY the battery and charger separately)

  7. I installed irrigation systems for like 10 years., and love em or hate em those systems should still be maintained and winterized if needed. Big up DGC! Love what you do here

  8. Dog separation anxiety sucks. I live in a 1 bed flat in a block of 10 and if I leave to go to the shop (2min away) my dog cries so bad i even got a visit from the RSPCA becaus people thought I was abusing her

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