US Drone Strike Kills Senior Al Qaeda Leader in Syria, US Defense Officials Say

The US has reportedly killed senior Al Qaeda leader Salim Abu-Ahmad in a drone strike Syria.

Salim Abu-Ahmad was killed in a U.S. airstrike near Idlib, Syria on Sept. 20, US defense officials confirmed to Fox News.

“There are no indications of civilian casualties,” U.S. defense officials said.

Fox News reported:

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A senior al Qaeda leader has been killed in a drone strike in Syria, U.S. defense officials confirmed to Fox News Thursday.

The Civil Defense team, known as White Helmets, said the unidentified body was lifted from the car along the Idlib-Binnish road east of Idlib province.

U.S. Central Command said American forces had conducted a “kinetic counterterrorism strike” near Idlib province targeting a senior leader of the militant group al Qaeda.

“Initial indications are that we struck the individual we were aiming for, and there are no indications of civilian casualties as a result of the strike,” said Navy Lt. Josie Lynne Lenny in a statement.

Last month the Pentagon claimed it killed high-level ISIS planners in a single drone strike in the Kandahar province in Afghanistan.

The drone strike was in response to a suicide bomber who killed 13 US service members and wounded 15 more.

It turned out the Pentagon lied about killing high-level ISIS facilitators.

Biden’s drone strike in Afghanistan killed 10 innocent civilians including SEVEN children.

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