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Chin Wags | #katiejoy lives in oblivion #woacb 2015 + 2019 Mental Health (T/Stamps below)

Music: Golden Days Music: Sycamore Musician: Philip E Morris *Chin Wags is Aussie slang for talking, chatting (: The Cacti Contributors …


20 thoughts on “Chin Wags | #katiejoy lives in oblivion #woacb 2015 + 2019 Mental Health (T/Stamps below)

  1. 2:05:05 scratch and sniff
    I’m totally kidding 🤪 ❤️ 🌵 ❤️

  2. Does she have her hand on his leg? Is she showing a sign of physical affection?! I may just fall over with shock!

  3. Their body language is so telling!

  4. Paused at 1:52:07 she is so full of 💩 she asks him to tell the story, and then, as always, it’s all about her and she takes over. 🙄🤮

  5. Both her and Toad have blank dark eyes

  6. I believe her being bi-sexual is just to pull in the audience from the LBGQ community.

  7. Wow I just have to say there's a part of this video where you're showing Katie so insensitive about toad's mother dying and how heartless she is to him and for the first time I really felt bad for him and I also did not know that V stopped breathing in his arms I never knew that and I'm actually in tears! I think he would do so much better if he divorced Katie and went on his way he does not need this heartless narcissist in his life. God bless you Bill for talking about your struggles in life and you sound like you're on the right path now. My heart goes out to you 💖

  8. Plot twist, V was the one calling CPS on them. Poor kid must have nightmares hearing the venom KJ spits out 16 hours a day, while Toad stomps around, wielding his cheese knife, throwing passive aggressive tantrums. Jmo

  9. I managed some great comedians in the US. YOU ARE GONNA DO GREAT!!!

  10. My daughter was born with blue eyes and they turned brown about 6 months in

  11. For someone who's son almost died in his arms he sure yells at his son ALOT. just saying

  12. I came in and right before you started the hubby yelled we had to get the 4wheelers pressure washed . Had another amazing adventure yesterday. 9hrs just 8 of us riding ,drinking and smoking deep into the woods.

  13. Ya know alotta people like your Kj callouts so please don't let Kj win and melt your brain. You can do both I know you can and selfishly I'd miss ya

  14. How could she not notice until 2 and a half? I noticed at 6 months my son wasn't eating properly. Food was always coming out and he seemed to really struggle. His doctor at the time kept telling me that was just babies but I knew that something was wrong. I got him to the right doctor that found he had a severe tongue tie like literally had no use of his tounge. He had a frontectomy at almost a year old. After that he went through almost 3 years of eating and speech therapy. There was never anything wrong with his brain or function wise it was just the mechanical use of his tounge. He's almost 6 now and you would never know he went through that but I'm curious how her mother's intuition didn't kick in until 2 and 1/2 years old

    Hey Bill! I stopped watching just to comment before I forget my thought: So about Hall Passes…Hubs and I gave each other Hall passes years ago, but came to the following conclusion (we've been together almost 19 years).

    Hubby's Hall Pass: Jennifer Lawrence 🔥
    Lauren Hall Pass – Chris Evans + Jennifer Lawrence

    Hubby – "Okay Fruity, whatever you'd like"!
    Yes, Hubs calls Fruit Loops. That's where my Insta Handle comes from lol.. I'll be back, just had to pause to get out that thought.
    🌵 💚 🌵 💚 🌵 💚 🌵 💚

  16. I love you voice 🌵💚🌵
    Keep up the great & thank you for sharing. I hope to catch the next Live

    Much Peace & Love ☮💟

  17. Replay customer here! How are all of you on this fine Sunday 🌞 afternoon?

  18. kj and her attorney sent out emails to several channels, to not delete, or speak about her.They got them Friday at 9 pm.

  19. Was just wondering if you ever heard of Kathleen Madigan she's my favorite female Comedian in the USA

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