Iraqi Dinar update for 02/03/22

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  1. Oh fuck! I'm so sorry to hear that Pimpy. You poor love. You know they are in a beautiful place now and free of all ills because of your own nde. Much love and prayers of comfort to you sweetheart. ❤️🙏🤗

  2. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother and your sister… Praying for you… Your reports and unbiased information have been a excellent source of news and commentary on investments and foreign currency… May God keep you and protect you

  3. Pimpy, wow. Thank-you for all that you do. I love your videos. You’re a good man. I am so sorry for your losses. Your sister is with you Mom. Hope you Take some time for yourself.

  4. Hang in there buddy, lost my best friend and mom in the same weak and now my beautiful white husky is dying soon she is 14 yrs 2 months. Sometimes life just sucks. But I'm thinking things will get better in some way!

  5. Hello Pimpy, 1st I would like to extend my deepest condolences to you and your family, 🙏🏽 for you as well. 2nd I would like to thank you for taking the time to provide us with this information especially going through a tough time like this! Much appreciated May God bless you and your family RIH to your sister. 🙏🏽 Amen

  6. Pimpsta you held yourself together like a true professional, this post was as upbeat as any of your others, I don’t know how you managed it.
    The ending kind of hit me like a freight train. Sorry to hear about your sis, whatever she went through just just know in your heart that she is in a better place now at rest. Thoughts & prayers to you & your family mate.

  7. So sorry to hear about your sister, Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I truely appreciate your information you share more than any other individual. God Bless!

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