Walford Weekly Ep. 175: Walford’s Fired Up!

EastEnders #podcast We delve into the stories that aired in the UK from Monday 13th to Friday 17th September The ‘Great Fire of Walford’ it wasn’t, but it …


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  1. Alright, Uploaded a new Eastenders track called "Heartless Cow"! Featuring Janine and Barry Evans on my channel! This is my 3rd Eastenders track, I will be doing a Trevor and Little Mo one next which will take about 4 to 6 weeks. Thanks for checking it out

  2. It still blows my mind how people defend Ruby and think Stacey is the bad guy. The only bad thing Stacey did to Ruby was steal her money, and yeah that was bad, but Ruby paid a MAN to beat Stacey up at NIGHT, Ruby paid kush to take Stacey's son away, Ruby lied to Martin about being pregnant in the first place, Ruby sent a (from her view) a dying woman to prison, and so much more. How people defend her is beyond me. I'm glad she's gone.

  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and receive the hate, but I was bored by the fire episode. The Shake It Off moment was the icing for me because I remember giving a big sigh of exasperation watching Phil crawl across the kitchen floor. If they wanted to use music maybe Shake It Off would have been better when Jean found out she didn't have cancer? 🙂
    Gray's family history did feel like a rewrite, but one that worked because it did make Gray into more of a sociopath; so I'm fine with it. As for Ruby's it would be great if Nancy bought it and became Zach's boss. I would definitely say Ruby has received her just karma. Let's not forget setting up Kush to loose the poker game with Suki. Also would love if when Ruby returns we get the Education of Ruby, she's been hardened by prison and really does take up Daddy's ways, sort of like those 1950's Hollywood women's prison films. (If no one has seen the 1950's Caged, do! It's a hoot!).

  4. I'd rather they kept grays backstory as it is as that could bring in ideas of the cycle of violence and how to stop it for Mack and Mia so they don't grow up to be like Gray (I'm not saying Gray should've become a good person, the cycle would be broken by the Taylors). This new backstory is just that Gray is and always has been sociopath which isn't as rich for the story

  5. Rob was right when he said that Bernie is having a boy. Stuart said it's a boy but then said or girl or anything it wants to be when it's older. So they're having a boy but Stuart means they can be anything they want to be

  6. The fire was Sharon and Keeanus fault, if they didn’t have an affair, the boat crash wouldn’t have happened, Dennis wouldn’t have died, Sharon and Phil wouldn’t have went after Ian, Tina wouldn’t have had to run away, she wouldn’t have died, Shirley wouldn’t have knocked Phil out, the fire wouldn’t have happened

  7. Because you guys mentioned one of the panesar’s as the potential new owner of the Club. What about Vinny? He’s been wanting to live up to the panesar name and buy into a business, so maybe he asks Kheerat for a loan to buy it? I just don’t know if Vinny’s is a good name for a club 💀

  8. I honestly do enjoy the sundays i'm off so i can watch this with a hot cuppa! You guys make me laugh.

    And when i'm not off well i'll watch it after work anyway 🤣

  9. I loved Monday’s episode but the only thing missing was seeing the Taylor’s and Chantelle’s children and how they were coping with having Chantelle gone a year, I feel.
    Also Suki’s reaction to Kheerat coming out the fire was so cute. Just shows after everything she’s been through, her main priority is still being a good mum. Just like she implied after the whole cancer thing got exposed – her arrival on the square.

    I would’ve grieved for Kheerat too Alex, it’s ok 👍🏾 so glad he didn’t die.

  10. Also, Rainie and Stuart's baby was said to be a boy. Where you might have gotten confused is that Stuart said that they'd accept their child regardless of what gender he decided to be, but according to what they said about the.scan they're having a boy.

    And while Baby Abi may not have as direct a connection to Rainie as she does to Max, it's not like she has no connection at all, Rob. As Tanya's sister, Rainie is what, Abi's great-aunt?

  11. Re; the club, as Ruby's husband, wouldn't Martin get the club? They randomly eloped in Paris, so I doubt Ruby rushed to get a prenup beforehand. And barring that, the show's established that Ruby and Martin DO have shared bank accounts, so her finances (and, theoretically, both her financial assets and her financial obligations) would be taken over by her husband while she's legally indisposed.

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