Allen Iverson and Al Harrington FULL EPISODE | EP. 33 | CLUB SHAY SHAY S2

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  1. Al Harrington listening and smiling like a kid in the barbershop listening to old heads talk about the good old days, 😁😁 and he don't understand the lil dirty talk they trying to talk over his head

  2. I loved this interview. Thank you guys for sharing some of your knowledge and experience. Both were totally authentically down to earth and funny. Well done Shannon Sharpe!

  3. Al Harrington just said that as a 40 yr old Wizard, Jordan dropped 40 on 'em let that sink in, MJ's Wizard years get slept on because they didn't win

  4. What I love Shannon is that I know he a Country Boy he still keep it real I'm from NY but I'm raised Country His vibe and energy is authentic and he's also professional at the same time βœŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ’―Much respect to this Man and his Grind

  5. A bust is a high 1st round drafted pick that don't live up to its potential…simply about your game and stats …it has nothing to do with financial means or what you do outside of the game …JaMarcus russell made money bought his momma a house…a bust is a bust

  6. Allen Iverson is my all time favorite player….bought his shoes, got his jerseys, wore an arm sleeve when I played basketball, even tried to imitate his crossover

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