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These 6 Stocks Will Make You Rich!

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23 thoughts on “These 6 Stocks Will Make You Rich!

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  2. Thanks for this video .Meanwhile Bitcoin is rising drastically and people are making profit 😂

  3. You're awesome. Keep it up!

  4. EH is exploding again to 5x in 4 months, fire-fighting drone ready for use, drones flying in 9 countries, and certificate coming. Have a look..

  5. Hi Jerry I want join with patreon .I am leaving In Canada.and I am swing trader so can I get jr4 buy single on regular package or I need to go with diamond package.

  6. Great info.
    I enjoy your calm disposition and approach to providing info to novice as well as veteran traders.
    I recently started to take control on a new and very small portfolio for myself. I trust my investment team for my other portfolios, however, I am just interested in learning more about the “nuts & bolts” of day trading.
    I am putting myself in charge for a little account, and am very surprised how analytical day trading is…I knew it wouldn’t be a cakewalk, but there’s a ton to watch and learn.
    Thank you for your help and channel.
    Stay safe, healthy and happy.

  7. I just found you Jerry. Great let’s make some money👍🏻

  8. Thanks Jerry for getting me in "AR"..

  9. Aqst fda run up play?

  10. Hey Jerry, your channel is awesome.. I bought Destination XL back from your July 1st video which was under $4 and yesterday it announced blowout earnings.. a bit under $6 now.

  11. I just need one. AMC 😉

  12. Jerry, AMC is primed for another run. Big run too

  13. you are definitely not for traders with small accounts

  14. Fundamentals don’t count anymore after what the hedgies are doing to GME and AMC. I feel like the whole market might be naked shorted in someway. I’m in and out, that’s it.

  15. Hi Jerry, big fan! Could you revisit GRWG and share your latest thoughts?

  16. Thanks Jerry. I bought some more Tesla, Apple and Facebook. I also bought some more Amazon. What are your current thoughts on Amazon ?

  17. CHPT at this level is the best stock to buy 🚀🚀🚀

  18. Jerry, Do I get any of these in my subscription like buy to bounce or jr4 signals or anything other than the beast mode spread sheet?

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