Medical Marijuana Wax (or Shatter or Dab or Rosin or Concentrate or Moon Rocks) | Discover Marijuana

Cannabis “dabs” are products that typically have very high concentrations of THC and look like wax, butter, honey, or amber-colored glass (called “shatter”).


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  1. Super great to see this content! Especially with all of the scary concentrates you hear of circulating around. This is why it’s best to get your card and shop from a dispensary! On a side note shout out to Wholesome for always keeping a variety for us!

  2. Love all of your videos! This one let me know that I'm not a good candidate for using the concentrates, so I'll stick with my flower, gummies and tinctures. Your video series is the most complete and informative I've run into, and I'll keep tuning in for further education. Thank you so much.

  3. I didn’t know very much about concentrates, so this video was very helpful! Learning some of the science behind this medicine is always fun and I’m so glad you guys are making videos like these.

  4. Cannabis has evolved so much in just the past 5 years. This info on Concentrates is a must for anyone who uses cannabis or even doesn’t use cannabis cause it’s Really cool stuff!! Want to see more of zions rosins. That gelatti biscotti!!🤤 Best concentrate in the state. #solventlessforthewin

  5. First off, thank you for the great and informative video! My favorite concentrate is definitely solvent-less rosin. I think the solution to the biomass shortage, and the labor-intensive process, is to make at home pressing more available. That way, anyone can buy the flower, non-pressed, and "juice" it at home. Just make sure not to throw away your pucks (post-pressed flower) because they still have some good stuff the press didn't extract – you can infuse them into your own oils or edibles! Anyway, thanks again 710!

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