August 2021 Top 30 Clips Sodapoppin Clips

Top sodapoppin clips from August of 2021. 00:00 “Words of encouragement” clipped by M4xPow3r 00:14 “gachiHYPER” clipped by LILREDFLAG 01:14 “a” …


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  1. Anyways uhm… I bought a whole bunch of shungite, rocks, do you know what shungite is? Anybody know what shungite is? No, not Suge Knight, I think he's locked up in prison. Talking shungite. Anyways, its a 2 billion year old rock like stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. So that's my story. I bought a whole bunch of stuff, put them around the la casa. Little pyramids. Stuff like that

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