B&R #9: Un-Californicating The Industry | Lawn Care, Turfgrass, and Agricultural News

Each week Matt Martin, Rey Ito and Ryan DeMay burn down the latest lawn care, agriculture and turfgrass industry news and provide you with the details you …


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  1. Just to add to the where the electricity is going to come from. Its important to remember a fossil fuel power plant is going to be 80+ % efficient. That compared to a small gas engine that would be lucky to break 20% efficient. Also to mention the emission controls placed on power plants vs. The almost zero emission controls on small CC gas engines. I dont know about lawn equipment, but its been shown over and over that no matter the state or situation an electric car takes less resources and produces less pollution then a ICE vehicle. If youve been to LA you can see why they are so tough, the air quality flat out sucks. Now, are we ready to switch to battery powered equipment, not really. Maybe 5 to 10 years it will be without question, but right now its a tough sell.

  2. The electricity to charge batteries will be derived from unicorn farts. Because we can not use reliable clean sources of power, then people will have electricity other than the people that matter, you know the people with money to afford electricity. Just look all over the EU and UK this past year at how this has effected their prices, what do normal people do, the political class will always be able to afford all these expenses but for the guy on the street starving to pay a utility bill, let him eat cake. Everyone loves cake so nothing will go wrong.

  3. Also the pollution it is outsourcing is a lot more significant. But lets face it none of this has to do with the environment it is just another example of do gooders begin taken for a ride by a drive for making money. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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