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  2. can you tell us which stocks you have right now? and what are the plans for them?

  3. What is the chart program you are using?

  4. Crocs to the moon!!!
    … where they'll hopefully stay, because, y'know, damn they're ugly.

  5. I’ve gradually been buying PLTR and sold some for a profit today. Thanks Jerry! Thoughts on cyber security? PANW VS NLOK VS CRWD would be a great video! 👍👍

  6. Hey jerry thank you for the video as always. I am completely new to this stock market but also, i am following you hoping that i will learn something. I am learning but i wanted to learn from 0 is it possible just looking at your video? I also joined your patreon but i was not successful in using it. Can you please suggest me how do i start? I quit my job for certain reason now i can use my time onto this. Is there any course you are offering? There are lots of youtubers who talks about stock but i found you the only one i wanted to learn from. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

  7. So with shipping season I thought of a question… could one do like a rotating year strategy?

    Like buy eseas this year then don’t sell at end of holidays. Next year buy more easeas and sell this year’s stocks. Then year after sell the second batch while buying some to hold for a year. Then you are paying less taxes on a “yearly cycle”?

  8. Great video and certainly days like today present a time to find and buy high quality stocks to buy.. Walgreens, AbbVie, JNJ and AAPL are all stocks this week that are not only high quality but selling at steep discounts, legooo 🚀

  9. Crocs has a lower PE than Nike 😮

  10. My stop loss triggered last week in pltr got out with little profit.

    Huuuge regrett!

  11. Glad I bought puts on pltr surprised you added to your position. It has fallen every time it reached 27ish

  12. Curious what you think of vale after this huge dip?

  13. thank you SBOW still a buy

  14. Thanks Jerry for your valuable work. Very informative content as always. You never disappoint.
    Have a great weekend and stay safe

  15. Let’s get it J! 💥 thanks

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