30 MIN FULL BODY DUMBBELL SHRED – Strength and Killer Cardio Workout with Weights – No Repeat

Grab your weights for this 30 MIN DUMBBELL SHRED Home Workout! CARDIO & STRENGTH exercises combined to burn fat and build muscle at the same …


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  1. WOW that was hardcore I was about to quit several times but you kept it fun & I realized I didn’t have to rush but work on getting the movements down. You’re really good at encouraging me…even though you don’t even speak 🤔 hmm thanks for sharing your energy, skills, gifts and time with me/we/us. ✌🏿

  2. This was fantastic! After my fiasco of a workout yesterday, I was fully prepared for this to not go well….BUT I pushed the entire time, only took an extra break at the halfway point and I’m drenched in sweat. Thank you so much girl, you provide such a service and all your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  3. I have scoliosis (fortunatelly not advanced level), and this gives me lot of pain. however, with the help of your exercises, I feel better; feeling balance between my body and soul&mental health is amazing. Thanks for such an amazing exercises. You're the best!

  4. Nobody cares probably but I enjoy exercising especially in the morning before school and at night. Morning gives me positive vibes for the day and night is a celebration of surviving another day. But I don't spend hours on it, seriously it would be tiring

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