Ending the debate over seed oils, with Tucker Goodrich

Tucker Goodrich is a technology executive in the financial industry who designs, runs, and debugs complex systems in high-risk environments. Areas of …


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  1. Attention Dr Saladino, I have a question, so would it okay to use animal fat for all cooking? If yes, my question is that I've heard from your other talks with Dr Evan Brand, that we store toxins in our fast cells, so do animals also store their toxins in their fat cells? If so, when we use or cook with animal fat are we not going to also get the toxins and excess hormones stored in the animal fat? I actually absolutely love the taste of animal fat, and what's more is that i get them for free from the local butcher, i use the fat for cooking, i just want to make sure it's definitely okay to do this? Thanks

  2. 2004 Gastric bypass patient here…. I feel grateful that I found carnivore diet to start to heal. But I am recently diagnosed with liver issues and according to my research…totally related. I hate that surgery.

  3. gREAT INTERVIEW. SUNLIGHT DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. I have been enjoying the sun for decades, and no cancer. I was a member of the naturist society for years, and this was an added health practice. Americans eat a bad diet of commercially processed foods, then they go outside in the sun and BURN. Also, they get skin cancer from being inside all day, eating junk foods! NOT ME. I adore the sunlight and natural foods……………………………………… from the Ozarks

  4. Your arguments and references certainly make sense. But then I read the JAMA Int Med article: Association of Specific Dietary Fats With Total and All Cause Mortality, Wang D., et al 2021 which would indicate PUFAs are associated with longer life span, while SFAs shorten (although the hazard ratios are small).
    How is an engaged member of the public, like myself, expected to optimize health with such conflicting information out there? I would appreciate any comments. Thanks

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