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2 Stocks Now – Buy The Dip To 3x Your Money – Revolutionary BioTech – Cathie Buying

Link to Join on Patreon This video is for information and entertainment purposes only….. Today I will be discussing two biotech …


19 thoughts on “2 Stocks Now – Buy The Dip To 3x Your Money – Revolutionary BioTech – Cathie Buying

  1. evgn will 10 x in 2 years once revenue starts to grow fast and othe subsidiaris have hugw sucsess

  2. l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her
    comment below
    let's gooo

  3. Uranium is the real squeeze!!!!
    Top positions in order: encore energy ( the best company of all by faaar) fission, global atomic.
    Buying now the smallest to have speculative upside : asx uranium explorers: ( insiders buying and owning A LOT)

  4. Can you do a video on TBP? Small Canadian biotech company that I think can 10 to 100X. Curious on your thoughts. Thanks.

  5. Solid information as always. Appreciate the video update. I own both and been in for a bit waiting patiently.

  6. Both company are going down.

  7. I would like to be a Elite Investor Plus member, but it is sold out. Will you open up more later? Thanks!

  8. Stocks you recommended down more than 50% sava

  9. Zim has been one of my best trades over the past year. Up 280%

  10. Thanks a ton for the valuable information brother…can you make a vid on CARA…??? Please

  11. Can you make an update on SAVA?

  12. Info please make a video on $RSI possibility of being bought by fanatics will be big combined company almost as large as draftkings!!

  13. SRNG (DNA, new ticker sept 17). Cathie owns around 15 million shares. Trades around $10 bucks. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts ? Thanks.

  14. Anyone holding David’s tea still?

  15. Opinion about BNGO ?

  16. Would love an update on BBKCF. Thanks

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