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The 11 TOP Stocks To Buy Long Term (High Growth)

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26 thoughts on “The 11 TOP Stocks To Buy Long Term (High Growth)

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  2. Can you explain how to set up those customizable bars (ie- set % allocation rules) on TOS?
    Great video!

  3. Any chance you would do TA on MVIS?
    I invested in this last year. LTH

  4. I live in Thailand and find information. Just started to study and invest in US stocks

  5. Hey , lyft stock is a good buy you!think ??

  6. Yeah tesla 750 no thanks

  7. Please cover these with your beat mode analysis!

  8. hi Jerry!! Great Video. Question, did you quit on ARK´s ETF´s ? I didn´t see any in this video, are you still holding them?

  9. Thanks Jerry for awesome content as always. Can we get another video for top stock picks under 20$ ? The last time you posted that video most of those stocks have skyrocketed. i.e DAC , ATCO, HBNC.. DAC was 11$ at that time..

  10. jerry good info…but Jerry how could you possibly time the entire uranium market to the day,

  11. I wanted to trade crypto but got confused by the fluctuation in price

  12. What do you think of these as runner ups?
    ABBV, FTNT, DIS and Crypto BTC

  13. Great video 👍I’m a new investor with a 30k portfolio I was thinking of blowing it up and start all over. This video resonate with my vision for my new portfolio, I’m currently holding please share your thoughts on my portfolio. I 2x URNM got in when u mentioned it months ago also got 45% profits from BDRY
    Arkk (127) average cost
    Voo $345
    IYW $95
    Soxq $26.96
    Chpt $21.80
    NIO $40.88

    New portfolio

  14. jump on matterport mttr before its to late

  15. Hey Jerry love your picks, could we use leaps to buy any or all of these??

  16. Don’t miss out on entourage health Corp stock! About to take off!

  17. why amazon and other such company are not in the list?

  18. I say do a beast mode Jerry! I was happy to see that I have 6 of the 11 stocks already in my portfolio. That is reassuring , since I do respect your stock picks!

  19. What do you think about $LEU now? Could you maybe revist uranium stocks now that the market is heating up?

  20. Thanks Jerry. This will be fun. I will add VOO, DKNG, BX. The others I have. I will be cautious to start VOO.
    You are an inperation!

  21. I would love to see the Beast Mode analysis of these stocks !!!! Thanks Jerry for the great information as usual.

  22. I would love to see the Beast Mode analysis of these stocks !!!!!! Thanks Jerry for great information as usual.

  23. Great stuff! I like the concept for this video. Original and useful 👍👍

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