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Is THC-O Good?



12 thoughts on “Is THC-O Good?

  1. I bought the bay smokes thc-o cart pray for me it's arriving in a couple days.

  2. Can you pass a drug test with it in your system?

  3. THCo is water soluble but not fat soluble. Delta 9 is the other way around (which is why you make cannibutter with D9 to bake brownies with).

    Damn it… now I want brownies!

    Sending good vibes.

  4. It isn't fat soluble, it's a salt so it is water soluble

  5. Man you're so stupid they used to lose that HTC 0 for chemical warfare do your research before you smoke it dummy

  6. Your GP15 won't work for me

  7. You are adorable! Kdndvahaidbfb when you forgot to take the cap off made me die from laughing. Im smoking some thc-o feeling great! Thanks for the vid!

  8. I just bought the deathbygummybears brand there are 10 bears 🐻 at 100mg of delta8 per bear and not going to lie I’ve never been afraid of a gummy bear till today waiting to try it with a friend 😅

  9. Great video, I used to avoid 3 chi. Now it’s my go to. Trying snowman/thcv

  10. you aint lie…. I'm a fan

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